April 30, 2011


Admit it, we all make mistakes. The hardest part of being a human is you must decide what's good and what's not because whatever your decision may be, it'll change who and what you are in the future. So, making decisions must be taken seriously but sometimes we jump off the fence by choosing to do the wrong thing. Even if you know your decision isn't good, you still make it anyway. To quote Lily Aldrin of HIMYM:
"There are certain things in life where you know its a mistake but you don't really know it's a mistake because the only way to really know it's a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back, and say, "Yep. That was a mistake." So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake, because then you go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not." - Season 1, Episode 21, HIMYM.
Word! Sometimes its the society that's fucked up. They tell us this is bad so we must choose this, we must be this and we must act like this. Blah, blah, blah. The same idea, the same shit. Why don't we go out of the box and decide for ourselves. Besides, we're not living for the society, we are living for our selves. You know what sucks? When you choose to make the odd decision and you failed, then the people around you are saying you are a failure. So what if they see you as a failure, you are not living for them. If its a mistake then its a mistake at least you learned and have experienced the down side of life.

Victor's Hilltop Squadron

I am the kind of girl who never dreams about weddings nor imagine myself wearing a wedding gown, holding a bouquet of flowers while walking down the aisle until we passed by Victor's Hilltop Squadron while driving in Magtuod. It isn't a public place and only friends of the owner can go there. Luckily, my brother is the surveyor of the place so we were able to get in.

I am with two beautiful couples. And I was talking about weddings. Weird.

This is the most beautiful hilltop I've ever been.

I'm not in a hurry on waiting for my husband to be because I know he'll come in the right time. And when that time comes, we'll be the cutest pair of mushrooms and have mushlets in the future. Hahahaha ;p

April 20, 2011

Best Coast @ Coachella

I wasn't at Coachella but these videos will take you there! Chos. If only I knew the schedule of their appearance then I could have watched the live streaming over YouTube! Anyway, I love Best Coast because I can relate to all of their songs! I know all their songs and I can sing it with all of my heart! Hahaha! Their music makes me high! :) Today is the 20th of April but I am not smoking weed instead watching these videos because I can generate natural high whenever I listen to Best Coast. Guess they'll be on loop til I go to bed! ;p

Best Coast - Boyfriend
Best Coast - Our Deal
Best Coast - I Want To
Best Coast - Each And Every Day


April 18, 2011

Costa Marina

Went to Costa Marina to celebrate my sister's 34th birthday! We had fun in the beach especially when they rented a jetski for 2 hours! Drove the jetski with a speed of about 30 knots! Fun!

Photo dump:

April 9, 2011

For Mama & Papa Mix

Tomorrow will be Papa's 7th death anniversary. Mama's 5th death anniversary was last Tuesday. I decided to make a mixtape of their favorite songs or, at least, the songs they listened to. Mixed scenarios inside my head. Scenes that had happened 7 & 5 years ago. The things I did when I realized their gone. The people who were there to help us. The people who talked in front of my parents' friends telling them how amazing they were. I knew my parents were amazing. They did a lot for other people. Until now, after 7 years, I still get compliments from strangers, probably my parents' friends, on how good Mama and Papa were. They tell stories and I, on the other hand, create scenarios and imagine my parents' faces and get teary-eyed. I hope they know how much I miss them. As I type, I am listening to this mixtape and I can't help but cry.

1.) The Cascades - Rhythm Of The Falling Rain
2.) Petula Clark - Downtown
3.) Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson
4.) Susan Fuentes - Usahay
5.) Engelbert Humperdink - Lonely Table Just For One
6.) Marie Osmond - Paper Roses
7.) Engelbert Humperdink -  The Last Waltz
8.) John Denver - Country Roads
9.) Simon & Garfunkel - Sound Of Silence
10.) The Cascades - The Last Leaf

PS: They say Mama & Papa are soul mates because Mama left us 5 days before Papa's 2nd death anniversary.

April 6, 2011

Calcal Trekking

My cousin and I decided to go to Calcal, which takes 2 hours travel from the City, and visit Melanie's graduation and chill in Megkawayan Peak after. We got there at around 11 in the morning and so we had our lunch over at Ate Mila's sister's payag.

Kid playing basketball alone in front of the store where we bought soft drinks.

We had to go over two hills to buy Coke! I wasn't expecting to trek but I managed to climb two hills! Make that four because we had to go back. I have no picture but I swear the hills were high separated with only a few steps of plain land. Anyway, we attended my cousin's graduation at 1 pm. We were suppose to go to Megkawayan Peak but we ended up trekking. My cousin, who just graduated, was very game to trek with her uniform on. I am not complaining because trekking is fun :)

We trekked from 3 to 6 pm! Got to their home before the rain started. It was very cold by the way.

They have another house located in the "centro" of the baranggay. I think they called it the "centro" because there were a lot of houses compared to where their first house is located. The rain stopped so we had to go there to sleep.

We went home around 7 in the morning. I am going back here soon. I have to go to Megkawayan Peak, falls and more!!!

April 5, 2011


The moment when you want to doze off but you can't because something's bothering you. Grades? Projects? Events? Negativity? You want to get up and work on stuff but you're body demands you go to bed so you choose to just stay in bed. And then, you start thinking about grades, projects and etc until your head aches and you start to cry because you feel so helpless. You want to do things right away. You believe you can finish it on time but something tells you that you can't because, well, pessimism always gets in the way! You become so weak. And realize that life gets bitchy sometimes and softly say that"everything will be okay if you'll just hold on to what you have to do." because you know that encouraging yourself will somehow give you comfort and will keep you calm. You start to close your eyes and just think of happy things that had happened, you smile and now you are dozing off.

The same thing goes for another night, and another night, and another night. This goes on and on and as you grow up, you face twice as much problems that you have now. You better get used to it because if you can't, then you're life will be boring. Problems make you wiser cos every time you think about it, even if you feel like you can't solve it, you are actually thinking of ways to solve it. So don't be afraid to face your problems because the moment you get past through it, you'll be the happiest person in the world!
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