March 29, 2011

To Attach One's Self To Others Is To Share Your Life With Them

There's something in the way I attach myself to people lately. Something that's been going on since I don't exactly know when. It's kind of annoying that I came to a point where I hated myself and slept all day. I wanted to be alone for a while but my friends were always there for me. Not that I don't want to be with them. The funny thing is, I feel like I cannot do things without their help. We all need other people's help.

But the attachment I have told earlier is that, well, I don't know if it is healthy or not, but I attach myself very close to my friends that I cannot stand it when I am alone. I feel lonely when I am alone. I miss them so much that I just want to go to the beach and spend the night with them. Getting high, drink a lot, talk, dance, sing with them. Because in my mind, I know, we'll all gonna go to different paths one day and we'll miss each other.

If I will to choose between high school and college, I will choose college. Who cares about high school? Some of us even have changed after high school. But that does not go for me, because, well, I am still the same. Hahaha! My high school life was crazy. I go out at night, drink and go home early in the morning. I was even in love at some point. Also, I was a hundred percent fan girl of some bands in the City. College was crazier. People I am with (and I was with) are real. You know, back in high school, most of us (well, at least this goes to my group of friends) have our ideologies, theories, something that has to do with "hey we're cool" things. Now, we don't set things. We don't want to achieve perfect adventures because along the way, even if we stumble into trouble, we know that it is a perfect adventure. Adventure because we love to go to different places. And by different places I meant somewhere else where socialites don't go. Hahaha!

But things have been quite difficult for us. Some of us have to go away to journey life alone. I understand because we all need to go to adventures all by ourselves, too. Things might change a bit but I know the attachment we have for each other will never get old.

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