February 27, 2011

Don't Worry Too Much

"If you worry a lot, then day after day you are learning how to worry even better. If you think about doing something a lot, then you are learning how to think about doing. Every moment you are happy, you are learning how to be even happier. Every time you act, you are learning how to take an action even better."
Something to think about. Maybe it is true. Maybe the reason why I worry almost everyday because I worry too much and it gets much, much more awkward everyday that I find it hard to breathe. Maybe I should not care what people think. Maybe I should tell myself that. I must tell myself that. And keep telling myself everyday about that.

February 12, 2011

Kitty Post Card

I received a post card last week from Ate Aking and Kuya Mel.

It made me smile. :)

February 10, 2011

Lonely February Mix

Raise your hands if you're lonely on Valentine's Day! And if you are, don't sob because I have something to help you while you're crying on Valentine's night. Here is a mix I made in less than 15 minutes! I know most of you will enjoy the night together with your loveless friends but just in case you need a company while you're alone crying, this mix will be a good friend. Best served with a bottle of beer or two. Enjoy (evil laugh).

P.S. I have a lot on my list but these 4 tracks with 14:01 minutes play time will do

February 7, 2011

Happy 67th Birthday, Papa! :)

Happy 67th birthday, Papa! It has been 7 years since you've been gone but I still think of you everyday, usually before I go to bed. You are the reason why I am so proud of our family because I still get compliments from random strangers on how amazing and true you were as a Brgy. Kagawad in the village. I know that you're a good leader but it's much different when I hear how amazing you were from other people's point of view! Thank you very much for the inspiration! I hope you're happy with Mama in heaven! :)

According to Uncle Jose: "It (this photo) speaks a thousand of words!"

About the photo: That's my Papa in a blue striped shirt and Mama in a red striped duster. I'm not part of the picture but I love this photo because it seems that Papa is gathering everyone and teaching them what they need to know and stuff. I'm not sure though but this definitely drives me to study hard whenever I get lazy. My Papa is awesome! :)

February 3, 2011

Things I Love

1.) Falling asleep to the sound of the rain.
2.) Finding a story from a book/quote/an old or new song that describes your current situation.
3.) Seeing your favorite band live or any band singing your favorite song.
4.) Getting letters through e-mail or snail mail
5.) Getting birthday cards.
6.) An ice cold cup of water when you're thirsty.
7.) Coffee in the morning.
8.) Tea at night.
9.) Sleeping.
10.) Going to undeveloped beaches with friends, get high and forget the rest of the world.
11.) When strangers smile at you.
12.) When friends greet you at school or anywhere.
13.) When your crush smiles at you.
14.) Waking up in the wee hours of the morning.
15.) Being described by friends as something funny.
16.) Spontaneous adventures.
17.) Nature.
18.) Being with my sisters.
19.) Thinking about my parents and listening to their favorite music.
20.) Random chat with friends.
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