May 1, 2011

Blog challenge: Single Life

Being single doesn't mean I'm lonely. I may be alone at times but I'm happy. But sometimes whenever I hear a music that's so sweet and so cute, I wish I can sing it with someone at the moment. Or being in any place far away from the city, or when I'm in the beach, I wish I am with someone special having fun along with our friends.

I want my guy to listen to the music I like since I don't listen to mainstream so much. He knows how to play the guitar and plays my favorite song while he lets me sing it for him even if I'm not good at singing. He smiles when I fail to sing the song correctly while I laugh and keep singing it until the song ends. He kisses me right after every song! A guy who is so humble and is always good to go. Doesn't care so much about what the society wants. Likes to be in the beach, mountains or any place far away from the city. Prefers to be in my room rather than spending time in the mall. And when I wake up, its good to see pancakes, hot choco and him for breakfast. He wants to cook food even if he isn't good at it. Loves to take photos of anything and prefers using film rather than digital. But that doesn't mean we must have the same perspective at all things. There should be small arguments and we kiss and make up right away. We exchange mixtapes even if the society says it is old-fashioned. He can be a geek but not a nerd. He clears my mind when I get troubled. Hugs me when I'm sad. Asks me what's wrong and listen to my sentiments. He doesn't need to say something because he knows I just need to express my feelings. Calls me at night when he can't sleep. Calls me at any random time of the day and guess what I am doing and the conversation goes on and on.

A guy who's into sports and loves going to different places and is willing to take me anywhere he goes. And I want our relationship to have a lot of firsts. :)

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