December 22, 2010

Babu Santa

Went to Babu Santa with friends last week. We had no idea how it looked like in reality because none of us have been there. All we know is that it has no electricity, no water, no electricity and no electricity.

It was my idea to go there since I am the kind of person who wants to go to undeveloped beaches because I think it is much more fun compared to commercialized ones.

I read that this beach is a diving spot so we were very excited (two of us even brought semi-professional snorkeling kit) but we didn't see anything underwater except for star fishes, sea urchins and rocks. Turns out that the spot is just a small distance away from the beach. Professional divers stop over here to eat and leave their things. It was very peaceful nonetheless. Perfect for hanging out with close friends.

 The moon was so bright that night.  Good vibes! We all got wasted: drunk, or not. Everyone were sleeping inside the tents, except for some who chose to sleep outside.  Creamie, Cholo and I chose to sleep in the sea shore. 

Babu Santa is definitely one of the best! If you are planning to do some activities here don't forget to bring extra money for Scuba Diving! :D

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