October 26, 2010

Aguakan Cold Spring

Maragusan is more or less 5 hours away from Davao City but Tipin and I still chose to sacrifice the 5-hour trip just to be in the Summer Capital of Davao Region. Honestly, I love bus trips! I love long rides and I like it when I'm away from the city. So travelling wasn't bad but it sure was a pain in the ass, literally!  The trip was ...

We stayed in Creamie's house together with her very accommodating family. I must say her family is very nice for letting us stay and eat for 3 days and 2 nights. Plus, Creamie and Cholo's friends are veeeeeeeery nice and funny! Thank you to them, especially Creamie's younger brother, Koy, for the motor rides! :)

First stop: Aguakan Cold Spring

The first time we got there it was raining really hard. Imagine how cold it was. Just so you know, Maragusan is a very cold place. Keywords: Maragusan, Cold Spring plus strong rain. :D We went back the next day, and luckily there was sunshine! So the place looked really nice! It was beautiful! :)

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