September 13, 2010

Sad Face

I want to meet somebody

who will listen to my stories

and will not judge me from that.

Who will stay with me no matter what.

Somebody who likes the same things as I do

so we can share whatever we have.

Somebody I can just be with anytime, anywhere.

Somebody who makes me feel okay

whenever I'm fucked up.

I like to think you're that somebody.

Even though I haven't known you that much,

I can feel you're perfect.

We haven't even talked.

We just stare at each other but not too long.

Actually, it is me who stares longer.

Other times, thinking of you hurts.

Knowing the fact that you're just a dream

I have always thought of.

I can name names of girls who are linked to you

...and I hope I could say my name, too.

Have I crossed your mind?

Cos for me, you always do.


  1. bakit ko maisip sarili ko dito sa post mo deb? ahahahaha.. peace!;p pero bitaw uy.. cheer up..:)

  2. naks! sad ka rin? :p thanks, nig!


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