September 3, 2010

From Being There to Being Towards Death

Man is a There-being. As long as man lives, he never stops discovering himself. He never stops learning what makes him human and will never reach his wholeness. He is not only a there-being but also a being-towards-death.

I think my most important learning in Philosophy of Man is the Philosophy of Death because death is man’s ultimate possibility. As a human, it is a fact and no one can take it away from us. It is important because as there-beings, we should also be aware that being alive is an opportunity for us to know ourselves, to be productive and experience life to the fullest and that we should also be aware that life has its end.

No one can experience and represent it for you. People may say they have witnessed death but it is from other people’s death which they have experienced to and by that they make conclusions about their own deaths. Death individualizes man; it is personal. That is, it is something only man can do by himself. Though it is the ultimate end, it doesn’t mean we can reach our totality when we die.

We may or may not be fulfilled. As an optimist, we may be fulfilled when we expect and anticipate our death because in that way we may give our best shot in everything, everyday. No one wants to die without reaching at least one goal in life, right? So that is why we should do whatever we can do for the betterment of ourselves and to others.

On the other hand, there are a lot of possibilities for us to die early. Thus making us not fulfilled. So what if we are not fulfilled when we die? In a positive view, you may not be fulfilled but you must think that you will find your wholeness as a person when you experience death because in death, man realizes his wholeness and brings to completion the commitment of his whole self to the whole of reality. We should not just waste time to things that will not do good to us because time is one of the precious things in life.

Thus, we should treasure time by making ourselves productive. I may sound courageous enough to face death in a matter of minutes but the truth is I fear facing death. All of us, there-beings, are anxious about it. We fear to lose our relationships, potentials, careers and of being with others because we know that when we die the line that connects us to others and to other things will be cut and lost forever.

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