April 3, 2010

Unusual Morning

Simone. 19 years old.

She lives in a small apartment.

She loves music but doesn't have the guts to learn any instrument.

She thinks she doesn't have a good voice so she lip sync every time she wants to sing along to the song.

She lip sync with feelings as if she's the one singing the song with matching hand gestures and dreams she's singing on stage with her friends as audience.

*knock knock*

She hurriedly wiped the sweat on her forehead, opened the door and acted like she just woke up from bed.

A boy was standing outside her door.

John. 21 years old.

He's a boy-next-door type.

He enjoys long boarding. A lot of girls fall for him but he never takes them for granted.

He doesn't have a girlfriend ever since. It is not because he's picky but because he thinks he should study first before engaging to relationships.

Shocked, she closed the door right away then hurriedly looked at the mirror, fixed her hair and clothes then smiled.

Clueless, he decided to leave it on the floor and walk away.

And just as soon as he's about to leave the door opened again.

John: Hi!

Simone: Hey! *smiles*

John: Uhm, are you Simone?

Simone: Yes, I am *still smiling*

John: Good. Uhh, I came here because I found your ID. *gives the ID*

Simone: *takes the ID* Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you very much!

John: I was about to go to your school and give that to the security guard but I realized your apartment is just nearby so I decided to give it to you personally.

Simone: *stared for 5 seconds* Oh, thanks! Do you wanna go inside and have coffee? As a reward?

John: No, no, it's okay. Thanks but I have some errands today.

Simone: Oh, okay. *fake smile*

John: But we can have coffee next time if you want.

Simone: *smiles*

John: So, can I have your number?

Simone gave her number then John bid goodbye.

She gently closed the door until the lock snapped and she was shouting crazily.

Simone: What a cute guy!!!

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