April 11, 2010

Lamanan Adventure

We went to Lamanan, Calinan to spend time with the whole family away from the city. On the first night, we drank Red wine and later on fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up very early and was excited to visit the nearby cave and the Davao River for the very first time.

We walked down the hill and then finally spotted the said cave. We walked in but unfortunately, we can't go to the very inside of the cave because it has been locked by bigger rocks. We stayed for a while to take pictures and at the same time hoping there would be no snake that would surprise us anytime.

On our way back, there was a big frog and so my sister and I shouted very loudly. That was the funniest ever. The ground was slippery that's why as you can see in the picture my sister tries to stop me from sliding down but I can't resist myself.

This cave is actually not very known to the Dabawenyos because it is hidden. Only the residents know about this, I think. This isn't private so no one really owns it. That's why there were people who tried to go inside and find a treasure. They assumed it has a treasure but nothing has really found.  Nothing.

It could have been an adventure if the rocks didn't lock up the hole, my cousin said.

Then, we went ahead to Davao River. "Silent water runs deep." So, be careful when you want to go into the river. You should know how very dangerous it could be.
Along the way home, we stopped at the house of the Kapitan to ask for some free Loofa. Ha made it himself. I forgot what is it made of but I am pretty sure its made of dried Upo. If you buy a Loofa at the market, its very pricey so we were very thankful to Kapitan for the free Loofaas!

That was such an adventure! I hope to come back next time! :)

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