April 11, 2010

Lamanan Adventure

We went to Lamanan, Calinan to spend time with the whole family away from the city. On the first night, we drank Red wine and later on fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up very early and was excited to visit the nearby cave and the Davao River for the very first time.

We walked down the hill and then finally spotted the said cave. We walked in but unfortunately, we can't go to the very inside of the cave because it has been locked by bigger rocks. We stayed for a while to take pictures and at the same time hoping there would be no snake that would surprise us anytime.

On our way back, there was a big frog and so my sister and I shouted very loudly. That was the funniest ever. The ground was slippery that's why as you can see in the picture my sister tries to stop me from sliding down but I can't resist myself.

This cave is actually not very known to the Dabawenyos because it is hidden. Only the residents know about this, I think. This isn't private so no one really owns it. That's why there were people who tried to go inside and find a treasure. They assumed it has a treasure but nothing has really found.  Nothing.

It could have been an adventure if the rocks didn't lock up the hole, my cousin said.

Then, we went ahead to Davao River. "Silent water runs deep." So, be careful when you want to go into the river. You should know how very dangerous it could be.
Along the way home, we stopped at the house of the Kapitan to ask for some free Loofa. Ha made it himself. I forgot what is it made of but I am pretty sure its made of dried Upo. If you buy a Loofa at the market, its very pricey so we were very thankful to Kapitan for the free Loofaas!

That was such an adventure! I hope to come back next time! :)

Canibad Adventure

After stressful weeks of making our own Power Supplies for Electronics and a hand-full of exams, my colleagues and I decided (the night before) to go to Canibad to unwind. The place is perfect for people who loves adventure because there’s no electricity (so you really can’t hear any music except if you have a guitar with you) and scarcity of food (well, that is if you don’t have enough money to buy canned goods, bottled water and other kinds) and traveling from the City to this paradise is so much of an adventure!

People living here are hospitable so there’s no problem of the security of the place since most of them are fishermen and are up until sunrise.

It’s crystal blue waters, peaceful surroundings and the sound of the breeze give a relaxing mood especially when lying on the sand, watching the horizon in an all-quiet afternoon.

We walked along the shore and found many kinds of small rocks and big rock formations. Some of my friends who have gone here said this place was more beautiful before the houses were built. It took us an hour to go back to our tent.

We were kind of excited and afraid because its getting dark so we decided to gather some dried leaves, coconut shells and tree branches for our bonfire later.

Bonfire, sing along with the guitar, drinks, stories and all! That was a good night!

April 3, 2010

Unusual Morning

Simone. 19 years old.

She lives in a small apartment.

She loves music but doesn't have the guts to learn any instrument.

She thinks she doesn't have a good voice so she lip sync every time she wants to sing along to the song.

She lip sync with feelings as if she's the one singing the song with matching hand gestures and dreams she's singing on stage with her friends as audience.

*knock knock*

She hurriedly wiped the sweat on her forehead, opened the door and acted like she just woke up from bed.

A boy was standing outside her door.

John. 21 years old.

He's a boy-next-door type.

He enjoys long boarding. A lot of girls fall for him but he never takes them for granted.

He doesn't have a girlfriend ever since. It is not because he's picky but because he thinks he should study first before engaging to relationships.

Shocked, she closed the door right away then hurriedly looked at the mirror, fixed her hair and clothes then smiled.

Clueless, he decided to leave it on the floor and walk away.

And just as soon as he's about to leave the door opened again.

John: Hi!

Simone: Hey! *smiles*

John: Uhm, are you Simone?

Simone: Yes, I am *still smiling*

John: Good. Uhh, I came here because I found your ID. *gives the ID*

Simone: *takes the ID* Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you very much!

John: I was about to go to your school and give that to the security guard but I realized your apartment is just nearby so I decided to give it to you personally.

Simone: *stared for 5 seconds* Oh, thanks! Do you wanna go inside and have coffee? As a reward?

John: No, no, it's okay. Thanks but I have some errands today.

Simone: Oh, okay. *fake smile*

John: But we can have coffee next time if you want.

Simone: *smiles*

John: So, can I have your number?

Simone gave her number then John bid goodbye.

She gently closed the door until the lock snapped and she was shouting crazily.

Simone: What a cute guy!!!
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