March 17, 2010

Letter to Mama: Ferris Wheel Adventure

Ma --

I finally rode a Ferris Wheel. It was fun! I was with Ate Aling and we were shouting crazily. It was such a happy experience. I remember the day when you never allowed me to ride on it because you're afraid something bad will happen to me since I was just 6 years old then. I was there standing with you while watching Ate Aling enjoying the ride. I remember I almost cried but you bought cotton candy for me so I was happy again. But whenever I pass by amusement parks, I always look for the Ferris Wheel and remember that moment.

While waiting in the line with Ate Aling I was thinking of you.

I hope you're proud of me, Ma! I miss you! I love you!

Always Thinking Of You,

Debie :)
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