February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Papa!

I never let any day pass without thinking what I could've been at present if my parents didn't leave us behind. Could I be a spoiled brat? or could I be just the same as what I am now?

I'm proud to say that I had overcome my greatest fear so far. It was difficult to strive for happiness when you don't have any reason to be happy about. To see your parents in pain, would you still choose to go out with your friends? Imagine those times when I never really get to spend time with my friends because I chose to be with Mama and Papa.

During those years, I never left my parents alone, physically and spiritually. Especially my Mama. She never left me whenever I'm sick. She cooks something for me just to feel okay. In return, I did the same. Though it may not be enough but I know that she knows that I gave my best shot.

I envy other people, who are with the same age as me, because they still have their parents. Papa left when I was 14 and two years later, it was Mama. The time I've spent with them is too short that I might forget every single moment I had with them. Pictures help retain those precious memories and this blog, too.

Maybe there's a reason why God took them away from us and I am trying to know what it is.

Tomorrow, it is going to be Papa's 66th birthday. Happy birthday, Papa! :")

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