January 15, 2010

Taho 11

Here is a man who has been selling taho for years now. I have been buying his taho every time I wake up from afternoon nap. He sits beside me in the jeepney going to school. He dropped-off a block near my school. Maybe he stays there in the morning and goes to the village where I live in the afternoon. I'm sure he doesn't know me but I have a lot of things to say about him.

Here it goes.

If you look at him, you could feel how tired he is from working everyday by walking along the streets selling one of the best afternoon snacks, for me, at least -- taho. He works for his survival or maybe his family's survival. And I can say that, he really works hard.

He has been journeying along City's streets for a long time now. He has seen the same things everyday that if you'll ask him how the community is, he might answer and describe it more accurately than our leaders today. He could be a better leader if there's a chance.

Every "Tahoooo!", every step he takes, every block he stops over, he gets money. But it isn't enough for him. And since I talked about leadership a while ago, think about those people in our government. Now tell me, who deserves to wipe off the sweat on one's forehead?

These are just some of the things I could relate to him (and to all other taho vendors out there). He maybe just an old man selling taho along the streets but he has a lot of stories to tell. Real stories, not gossips, about life in general.


  1. and here's a question: Why taho in the morning and afternoon and balut in the evening? hehe

  2. I don't know maybe because people appreciate the beauty of taho in the morning and balut in the evening. lol

    I don't mind eating taho in the evening though! :)


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