January 18, 2010

Something Made Different

"Nothing has changed." -- I always say this whenever someone asks me how's my life lately. I make believe that there's nothing really changed ever since. I am still the same Debie as before. My dreams keep on changing maybe that is why I act differently and speak what I believe. In reality, I am stuck with things I never dreamed of. I never got the chance to reach my dreams and even if there were chances, I didn't grab it cos I was too afraid of sacrifices and some people became hindrance most of the time. That sometimes I hate them to the point of blaming them too much.

Maybe I just dream a lot.

Maybe my dreams are too high for me to reach.

Maybe I should quit dreaming and start facing the reality as what it is.

But what is living without having a dream?

Is dreaming good?

Is reality good?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    the greatest regret is to stop dreaming. to stop believing, the believing of yourself. and for not trying to actually realize it. trust me, that hurts more. -te michi :)


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