December 2, 2009

Be A Blessing To Others

I got out from home 30 minutes before my class starts and to think Ateneo is 40-50 minutes away from where I’m standing, I still chose to ride a jeepney believing there’s no traffic because its almost noon. 15 minutes has passed I’m still riding this jeepney with almost 25 passengers excluding 7 children ages 0 to 6. We all know (or maybe not) that a regular jeepney has a capacity of 20 passengers. So, can you imagine how it is like being in my situation? I can’t almost stretch my right arm to reach for my coin purse that is in my pocket. I hate jeepney drivers when they overload their jeepneys with more than the required capacity of passengers it can carry! And whenever this happens, I’m tempted not to pay!

Back to my story, I only have 15 minutes to be in school and the jeepney is stuck in this very street where traffic is a hundred percent in popularity. We’re still at the beginning or entrance (or whatever you call it!) of this very street and we’re not moving any centimeter! So, in my head, I counted numbers from 1 to 60. “1…2…3…60!” This sure is a serious traffic! “Sweet!” I got myself out of the jeepney and decided to ride a taxi cab for I only have 10 minutes to be in Data Structures and Algorithm class.

I walked along adjacent to that effin’ street, stopped in a small canteen and looked at my cute wristwatch. The long hand is pointing to the very south, the very humble short hand is located in between 11 and 12, and this very thin hullabaloo stick keeps on turning that I wish it turns counter-clockwise once in a while. “putang ina late na ko.”

All taxi cabs that were passing by were not empty! I wanted to ride another jeepney which of course won’t pass by that effin’ street but the only money I have here is a 500 peso bill. Jeepney drivers, of course, wouldn’t allow me to ride on their jeepney because they don’t have a change!

Being in a situation like this, do not expect an angel to still remain as is when surrounded with bad vibes. Of course, angels do know how to speak bitch.

I went inside this small canteen and asked how much is the durian candy, yema and tart cost followed by “naa moy change sa 500, kol?” And to my grief, the old man in his 70’s said, “wala kaming change niyan.” Then I went back to where I was standing before.

And there goes an angel speaking bitches and stuff until the old man from the small canteen approached her and asked, “wala kang pamasahe, day?”, “wala koy kambyo nong.” I replied with eyebrows crossed not looking at him. Seconds later, he reached his hand with 2 five-peso coins in front of me saying,

“eto oh. kunin mo. para hindi ka ma-late.”,

“nako, manong, wag na po. okay lang po yun.”,

“kunin mo na.”

I took it and said,

“salamat kol.” with a smile on my face.

He asked again if it’s enough, and I, still in shocked of what’s happening wasn’t able to respond, he gave me another five peso coin and said, “yan. okay na siguro yan papuntang Ateneo.”


Then I said, “samalat kaayo kol.”

Then he said, “okay. sige.”

Then, an orange-colored jeepney stopped by. I went inside and sat where I could see that small canteen owned by that very thoughtful old man, packing some durian candies with his wife cooking some food and smiled. I wish for more blessings for him and his family. I promise to buy durian fruits and delicacies in his store next time.

Oh well, It was a good day after all.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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