September 3, 2009

Wisdom as the Knowledge of the Ultimate Reasons or Causes

It is true that not all human beings are capable of explaining things – how such a thing works, how is it made etc. One’s knowledge is not big enough to explain everything in this world, even things that are outside of this world.

That is why, in the modern age, people are taking college courses of their choice and focus on one learning such as engineering, architecture, nursing etc. But it doesn’t mean one will be able to answer one’s question once he/she is finished with the course. It is not always in theory that one can gain wisdom. It could also be by practicing his/her skills abiding with the theory he/she has learned. By this, he/she will definitely gain wisdom.

According to the given example in the book, the mathematician is honored for his wisdom mainly because in the world of science and technology, many people with the right piece of knowledge can explain how technology works but it is the mathematician who can explain ever further than the latter.

In conclusion to this, people can gain wisdom if he/she knows not the whole thing but at least has the right knowledge to explain things.

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