September 2, 2009

Room R202 stories

"Next is intersection... So, the intersection would be..."


My pen fell down. I hurriedly looked at it flat on the floor. Uh-oh! I stood up from my chair, bent my knees and grabbed it. The "pin-point" (As what Bhilly calls it) of my Pilot pen is now gone and I can't use it anymore.

My friend, Mark, laughed at me. Maybe because he knew what happened to my pen. I gently stood up... My professor's still continuing with her lecture.

Day dreaming has always been my hobby ever since I entered this class. I only listen attentively on the first 30 minutes of the time allotted for the subject and the rest, it's either day dream or talk to my seatmate. It has always been like this since prelims and believe it or not, I got 86 for the first term.

So, I went out and decided to buy a new pen. While on my way to the nearest bookstore near Claveria gate, I saw my HS friend, Cham, who was reading the so-called "special issue" of Atenews. It's about the what they call "Anomaly" during the fiesta/intrams last, last week.

When I entered the bookstore, there were students blocking the sales lady who is in-charged in the pen section. i waited for minutes, just standing at their back, thinking they were buying something which keeps the sales lady busy talking with them. Fortunately, after minutes of waiting, she looked at me and I raised my empty pen and said, "miss, refill. point four. black."

Just when I reached my order, I heard the girls laughing about something which I really don't know what is it about but I'm pretty sure they were not actually buying something from there. I intentionally raised my left eye brow to one of the girls who looked at me. Hey, a bookstore is not a place for chitchat w/ friends, there's the gazebo where you guys can talk endlessly without delaying other people.

I hurriedly went back to the classroom and ...

My professor is giving us a seat work. Later. 

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