September 22, 2009

Materials Science Quiz
Answers by JP

II. Discussion: Answer the following questions briefly. (5 points each)

1. State the 3 steps in making steels.
1st get the ingredients/get materials. 
2nd heat it and combine/mix.
3rd mold it like you want it.

2. Explain the hazards of sand.
It might enter your eyes and it will hurt. Quick sands are also dangerous because it will kill you.

Anybody But Me

I am existing because I know what it means to exist.
I am not existing because I am determined.
I am controlled by somebody.

The meaning of my life is self-creation.
It is never be created by anybody but me.

September 17, 2009

Why Are We Not Thinking?

You tend to live your life fully, more carefully and more wisely when you encounter near-death experiences or even just seeing a dead person but after a while, that thinking will soon fade away and you continue living you life ordinarily without thinking about death.

September 16, 2009

The Darkness of Conventional Understanding

Man sometimes has no originality in living their lives because they are caught up by conventional understanding that what the public think is good, he/she thinks it's good. What the public think is right, he/she thinks it's right and it'll never be wrong. It seems that man is not thinking at all because he/she lives his/her life following the rules which the public has given to him/her.

"Man is told what to think, how to see life, what is the nature of experience. There is no freedom to encounter life in an original way."

As Martin Heidegger expresses it: "Every supremacy is silently suppressed, every original thought is glossed over as well known, every triumph is vulgarized, every mystery loses it power."

September 15, 2009

Dindo, Myt, Ryu, Bhilly, Jabe
Matt, Don, Epoy, Carlo, Francis, Aids, Ojie, Shaun
Niel, Doi, Mike, James
Nikko, Kai
Mil, Eileen
Michi, Mai, Mark
And of course, my classmate since Grade 2, DABUY!!! 


September 13, 2009

A Deep Bottle For Sanity

As soon as it touches my mouth i knew it will taste good enough... well i assumed it will and so it will be..

every toast for every word is true but pretty conditional in the end -conditional because you'll never know if everything will be forgotten the next day or not and we always put our trust on it...

Consumed almost half of it still you're not that drunk... and everything is clear.. you will laugh for a reason.. know your safest way to the restroom.. and youre so much excited to get back to your seat and finish the rest of what you started.. it gives you that smooth feeling.. confident that everything is going your way and you know you're above the rest...

A quarter of it left.. it taste bitter down to your throat.. yes, youre still not drunk but you feel like burning inside.. you feel that cold sweat and everything looks uneasy.. everything you do can now be complicated.. you talk to much and say stupid words most of the time.. you laugh harder over nothing.. worst, it reminds you of how sad you are..

You're holding an empty deep bottle.. everything around you is spinning.. everything you do is wrong.. and you shout for every mistake the other has made.. you slap your face for doing such things and that part hurts so bad even if the rest of your body is numb.. now.. you're in regret.. saying to yourself.. i never would've been tempted.. now, everything tasted so bitter.. i vomit all the good things i had before -- all of those that has made me happy.. and i am stuck in this situation.. headache, heart beating slowly.. and i can't think of anything right...

In the end.. i am only holding this deep empty bottle... reminding me how i wasted my time --knowing it will be good for me.. but as i say.. everything is just a waste of time...

September 8, 2009

Swirl Of Distractions

We pursue chasing distraction than evading it. Sometimes, we tend to do other things rather than to be more focused on our work. We can't deny it because it's good and fun...

Does studying rather than going to parties, do extra curricular activities, be involved in other social organizations and the like, any good? of course, not!

Distraction is a self-creation. There should not be blaming with other people because it's your decision after all. If you're forced to do something that you really don't want and you let yourself be forced to do it and in the end of the day, you blame others because you failed on that. Why? You let yourself do it, you should be blaming yourself and not others. Remember, there's a choice in every decision you make. If you feel like you can't do something which others are forcing you to do it, then choose not to do it because in the long run, you'll find yourself blaming those people. That is if you fail. Well, most of the time, it happens.

September 7, 2009

The World In A Cage

We’re living in a world of phenomena, which is a world of deception, It is what you see that you’re deceived. You believe that what you see is real and there’s nothing more about it. Let’s try to get out of that cage and be in the world of being, where it is what it is, and a world of unchangeable reality.

September 3, 2009

Wisdom as the Knowledge of the Ultimate Reasons or Causes

It is true that not all human beings are capable of explaining things – how such a thing works, how is it made etc. One’s knowledge is not big enough to explain everything in this world, even things that are outside of this world.

That is why, in the modern age, people are taking college courses of their choice and focus on one learning such as engineering, architecture, nursing etc. But it doesn’t mean one will be able to answer one’s question once he/she is finished with the course. It is not always in theory that one can gain wisdom. It could also be by practicing his/her skills abiding with the theory he/she has learned. By this, he/she will definitely gain wisdom.

According to the given example in the book, the mathematician is honored for his wisdom mainly because in the world of science and technology, many people with the right piece of knowledge can explain how technology works but it is the mathematician who can explain ever further than the latter.

In conclusion to this, people can gain wisdom if he/she knows not the whole thing but at least has the right knowledge to explain things.

September 2, 2009

Room R202 stories

"Next is intersection... So, the intersection would be..."


My pen fell down. I hurriedly looked at it flat on the floor. Uh-oh! I stood up from my chair, bent my knees and grabbed it. The "pin-point" (As what Bhilly calls it) of my Pilot pen is now gone and I can't use it anymore.

My friend, Mark, laughed at me. Maybe because he knew what happened to my pen. I gently stood up... My professor's still continuing with her lecture.

Day dreaming has always been my hobby ever since I entered this class. I only listen attentively on the first 30 minutes of the time allotted for the subject and the rest, it's either day dream or talk to my seatmate. It has always been like this since prelims and believe it or not, I got 86 for the first term.

So, I went out and decided to buy a new pen. While on my way to the nearest bookstore near Claveria gate, I saw my HS friend, Cham, who was reading the so-called "special issue" of Atenews. It's about the what they call "Anomaly" during the fiesta/intrams last, last week.

When I entered the bookstore, there were students blocking the sales lady who is in-charged in the pen section. i waited for minutes, just standing at their back, thinking they were buying something which keeps the sales lady busy talking with them. Fortunately, after minutes of waiting, she looked at me and I raised my empty pen and said, "miss, refill. point four. black."

Just when I reached my order, I heard the girls laughing about something which I really don't know what is it about but I'm pretty sure they were not actually buying something from there. I intentionally raised my left eye brow to one of the girls who looked at me. Hey, a bookstore is not a place for chitchat w/ friends, there's the gazebo where you guys can talk endlessly without delaying other people.

I hurriedly went back to the classroom and ...

My professor is giving us a seat work. Later. 

And I Lose Control

The truth is that I’m terrified, absolutely terrified. Not the kind of fear you get from the very top of the rollercoaster or a high building, or when you feel like you’ve taken a corner too sharp in your car. But the kind of afraid you had when you were a kid. The one when you lay in bed at night surrounded by dark on every side. The one where you thought about your parents dying. The one where you thought about being alone. The one when you thought about how many years, months, days, hours, seconds, breaths you had left. And then you’d start to count them (just to make sure they were still happening) one…two…three…i’m here…four…five…six…still here…seven….eight…Adults don’t want to talk about dying or losing, or hard things like that. Ignoring it is so much easier. I wish I could ignore it. I want to feel ok again. I don’t even care if I ever make it back to happy…I just want to be ok.
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