July 28, 2009

Probability and Statistics class"

Bhilly and I were having fun speaking the "th" language.

B: Hey Debie GraTHe BerTHabal!
D: Yeth? Bhilly Ray TabaTHa?
B: Do you know whatTH our leTHon in probability and ThtatiTHticTHs for today?
D: Oh, THkewneTH?

... and everyone were laughing with uTH!

July 27, 2009

I Miss

I miss 
          the taste of beer.
I miss 
         drinking with my buddies.
I miss 
          being fetched at home early in the morning.
I miss 
          hanging out at Torres.
I miss 
          having coffee with my friends.
I miss 
          getting into a fight then reconcile afterwards.
I miss..
          I miss..
                     I miss..

July 15, 2009

Conversation with U

U: "tulong po"
D: "Yup?"
U: "engineer, marunong ka po ba  magconfigure ng router ng PLDT?"

"Stop distracting yourself from studying mat sci bitch!" -- Daboy

July 10, 2009

During Materials Sciences class:

Dr. J: "Class, there are four types of defects... first, linear defects... hmm.. the best example is this row! that lady is not properly aligned in this row.. siya ang defect."

Debie: *smiles*

July 5, 2009

Some Rainy Days

Sitting by the window
Watching the rain
Empty chairs
Empty tables
Remind me of the past
I wish I could turn back time.

July 4, 2009

I could turn back time

Sitting by the window
watching the rain.
Empty chairs and empty tables
remind me of the past.
I wish i could turn back time.
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