March 1, 2009

Loss Of Innocence

When its a free day and you have no other things to do, most probably you would go online. What if your sister wants to borrow your laptop and since you're a good and patient sister you let her use it and wait until she's done. Thinking that maybe she's gonna use it for like 30 mins or so. But 30 mins has passed and you see your sister enjoying the time she spent in the cyberspace, you prefer to watch tv and let your sister spend more time on the net. After all, when she's done, you'll be able to use it for infinity.

You turned on the tv. You pressed 1 and 7 buttons and you're now tuned in to National Geographic Channel. You enjoyed the documentation and you were kinda serious about it. After a while, you're sister was very noisy, shouting, because her crush just added her in her facebook account. Because you understand your sister's emotion, not to mention you act the same whenever you see your crush, instead of shouting at her to be quiet, you prefer to get out of your room and stay at the sala and continue watching the documentation.

Your brother is sleeping on the sofa but still you turned on the tv and minimized the volume because you don't want your brother to disturb in his sleep. Minutes has passed, your brother woke up just when the show has ended. He told you to change the channel to 10 because he wants to watch the news...

Now that you find yourself worthless this time, your sister's still using your laptop and she's in your room and your brother's watching the news plus its raining outside. You got nothing else to do, so you prefer to watch the news with your brother. At least, you'll learn something new from watching it...

The news was all about military fighting with each other and there were killings happened in this certain area in Mindanao and you see dead and bloody people on the streets and luckily, there's one bomb that didn't explode out of seven! Upon hearing this, you told yourself, "Is this for real? Is there really military groups that are fighting with each other, killing people and consequently bombing crowded places like what I see on tv? Is this not scripted or whatever?". Now you're clueless about what's going on in the outside world...

Now, What do you really feel whenever you see dramatic scenes or even action scenes or war scenes on movies? Can you compare it when you see the same scenes in the news? Does the impact to you still the same? Knowing that the one shown in the movies are scripted and the one shown in the news are the real thing? How would you describe it?

Just a while ago, our NSTP-CWTS class has conducted a forum for us students to be aware of what's going on in Mindanao. There were two speakers: Major .... and Army Major .... (I wont mention their names here.) I have learned more about terrorism, communism and insurgency. The forum has taught me a lot of things concerning about different military groups here in mindanao. It made me realize that somehow I'm lucky that I'm still alive. I should be more aware this time.

Our country is poor though were rich in terms of natural resources but still 75% of the Filipinos are peasants, 15% in labor, 8% in middle class and 2% in higher class. Indeed, Philippines is poor, corrupt and crooked that you can even erase it on the world map because of its damaged face.

Go, figure it out for yourself.

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