February 21, 2009

Why would I get jealous over her?; Why would I get angry over him?

I don't know what to feel right at this very moment.
I want to slap myself for being so stupid that I went home straight without even saying goodbye to those guys.
I just don't want to see his face for the last time.
I know I don't have the rights to act like this but hey I'm hurt! I have the rights to be hurt and the freedom to blog, right? right!
So, for those people who knows who I'm talking about,
please, just keep your mouth shut.

I never should've expected too much.
I never should've gave him special attention and what not.
I never should've talked to him like he's already my living and talking diary.
And lastly,
I never should've considered him as a candidate for my love. HAH! XD

So, what now?
Guess I'll just have to forget you
and be happy with my life without you in it. :P
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