January 27, 2009

Kids Comparison

Its funny how children nowadays play games on the street or anywhere else. If you let me compare it from my time to date, I would definitely say, "children now are more high tech than what we were before...". Admit it, we may have played video games but it is far more different and far more 'high tech' than what children has today.

I remember the times when I pushed my sister to borrow her friend's game boy just to finish super mario brothers. Brick game was also my addiction. But a family computer was always my friend. My mom had ordered/bought a family computer in which the seller/retailer/maker (or whatever you call them..) connected its joysticks to a bigger one. They were designed as a profit gainer. A player must suffer 1 peso, put it into a coin slot and the game will start and ends for about 1 min or so. (and because it was our business, my mom let me play it for free. I would open the lock and put a stick on the coin slot so that the computer would think that there was a coin inserted on it. And by that, it would not stop me from playing the game. Wise, eh? haha! and my friends would watch me play the game!) If you are a rich kid, you never shouldve encountered or even played this one. Just for the information for those who are rich kids, it is a "television-family computer station" more like a playstation but of course PS is a different thing. :D

When you ask me, "Did you enjoy your childhood days?", I would definitely say, "YES!"... Why? its because I have encountered a lot since childhood. I played a lot of games such as... Virus, Tumba Lata, Sisira ang bulaklak, Kikimbing, Tagu-anay, Taga-anay, PS-PS-I love you, Chinese Garter, Playing Cards, Rubber bands, Sha tong, name it, I have had played it. LOL.

It makes me laugh whenever I hear a kid say, "Whatever yaya, you're such a loser!" and the others would say, "Loser! Loser! Loser!"

What came to mind why I posted an entry like this? It was because I heard some little kids outside the street saying and shouting, "loser! loser! loser!" and upon hearing it, I came to realize that kids nowadays are... abnormal.. joke lang.. uhm, they are more westernized? high tech? sosy? whatever. lol.

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