January 29, 2009

Finally He Noticed

I won't expect too much though, because I know, in the long run, I will be disappointed again. Maybe I'll just have to accept the fact that were just friends. By the way, thank you for your gestures a while ago. It made me smile.

I wouldn't be repeating these words if I wasn't, right?
So, I'm going to repeat it again,

Because you see? it has been more than one month since you didn't notice me (or maybe you just don't want to...lol)for that long period of time, I was very confused and scared. I didn't know what's the reason behind you not minding me at all.

And how dare you only greeted "hi" to this guy when this guy was with me? You never considered me at all! Hey! You're being rude, dude! Those times were the heaviest, man! I was confused. i don't know what's wrong with you.

You made me think that I did something wrong, something that is against your will or maybe just a plain something. You made me conclude a lot of things between our friendship. You made me... think... really... HARD!

I even told myself, "Maybe I should forget him... Maybe I should not consider him as a friend anymore... Maybe I should claim that were not friends... Or, Maybe not. Maybe I should wait for the time when he will notice me again."

BUT then again, God really is sincere. He answered my prayers. This guy noticed me, at last! He even held my hands a while ago and talked to me like as if there was nothing wrong... was there? I mean, is it possible that maybe I was just the one who keeps on thinking things like these? and exaggerated it? I don't know. I have proofs though, but.. oh well.. it doesn't matter anymore. As long as, were back to our old selves. LOL. Were Okay now.

Maybe, yes...
Maybe, no...

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