December 2, 2009

Be A Blessing To Others

I got out from home 30 minutes before my class starts and to think Ateneo is 40-50 minutes away from where I’m standing, I still chose to ride a jeepney believing there’s no traffic because its almost noon. 15 minutes has passed I’m still riding this jeepney with almost 25 passengers excluding 7 children ages 0 to 6. We all know (or maybe not) that a regular jeepney has a capacity of 20 passengers. So, can you imagine how it is like being in my situation? I can’t almost stretch my right arm to reach for my coin purse that is in my pocket. I hate jeepney drivers when they overload their jeepneys with more than the required capacity of passengers it can carry! And whenever this happens, I’m tempted not to pay!

Back to my story, I only have 15 minutes to be in school and the jeepney is stuck in this very street where traffic is a hundred percent in popularity. We’re still at the beginning or entrance (or whatever you call it!) of this very street and we’re not moving any centimeter! So, in my head, I counted numbers from 1 to 60. “1…2…3…60!” This sure is a serious traffic! “Sweet!” I got myself out of the jeepney and decided to ride a taxi cab for I only have 10 minutes to be in Data Structures and Algorithm class.

I walked along adjacent to that effin’ street, stopped in a small canteen and looked at my cute wristwatch. The long hand is pointing to the very south, the very humble short hand is located in between 11 and 12, and this very thin hullabaloo stick keeps on turning that I wish it turns counter-clockwise once in a while. “putang ina late na ko.”

All taxi cabs that were passing by were not empty! I wanted to ride another jeepney which of course won’t pass by that effin’ street but the only money I have here is a 500 peso bill. Jeepney drivers, of course, wouldn’t allow me to ride on their jeepney because they don’t have a change!

Being in a situation like this, do not expect an angel to still remain as is when surrounded with bad vibes. Of course, angels do know how to speak bitch.

I went inside this small canteen and asked how much is the durian candy, yema and tart cost followed by “naa moy change sa 500, kol?” And to my grief, the old man in his 70’s said, “wala kaming change niyan.” Then I went back to where I was standing before.

And there goes an angel speaking bitches and stuff until the old man from the small canteen approached her and asked, “wala kang pamasahe, day?”, “wala koy kambyo nong.” I replied with eyebrows crossed not looking at him. Seconds later, he reached his hand with 2 five-peso coins in front of me saying,

“eto oh. kunin mo. para hindi ka ma-late.”,

“nako, manong, wag na po. okay lang po yun.”,

“kunin mo na.”

I took it and said,

“salamat kol.” with a smile on my face.

He asked again if it’s enough, and I, still in shocked of what’s happening wasn’t able to respond, he gave me another five peso coin and said, “yan. okay na siguro yan papuntang Ateneo.”


Then I said, “samalat kaayo kol.”

Then he said, “okay. sige.”

Then, an orange-colored jeepney stopped by. I went inside and sat where I could see that small canteen owned by that very thoughtful old man, packing some durian candies with his wife cooking some food and smiled. I wish for more blessings for him and his family. I promise to buy durian fruits and delicacies in his store next time.

Oh well, It was a good day after all.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

November 22, 2009

Missed Connection: Jeepney Ride With A Sleeping Child

I was on my way home from school at around 3 in the afternoon when I saw this kid. His mom is seated in the front seat carrying two babies and his dad is the driver.

Don't you feel sad seeing this photo? Cos I do =(

November 15, 2009

November 4, 2009

A Friend's Plea

I unconsciously sang a song which was taught by our grade 4 Reading teacher Ma`am Thelma Estrella entitled A Friend's Plea. I love that song so much that until now (for 9 years) its still stuck in my head and whenever I sing that song, I feel happiness and sadness at the same time - mixed emotions.

Happiness -- because I feel good about reminiscing my grade school days.
Sadness -- mainly because its a sad song 

I tried to Google this poem and found out that the real title of it is That's All I Want From You by Diane Ray. I downloaded it on iTunes and it is now on repeat. 

Anyway, here's the song:

Ma`am Thelma is the best Reading teacher FOREVER.
I miss grade school! XD

November 2, 2009

Oh, You.

Oh you,
You're my everything
I've tried to,
Stay alive tonight.
Now I know,
What it means to cry.
Without you,
Everythings a lie.

So if you'd love me once again.
Would you hold my hands and then.

Fly me,
Show me everything.
All you mean to me.
With you,
It's worth remembering.
Im sorry,
If i have to say goodbye.

But if i'd love you once again..
Would you hold my heart and then..

Never let me go...
Never let me go...
Never let me go...
Never let me go...

If we fall in love again...

November 1, 2009

October 13, 2009

Philosophy doesn't tell you what to think, it tells you how to think.

In the world we live in, people never stopped asking questions. Questions have been part of man’s existence and therefore it is part of “living in the world” ever since. From the oldest person down to the youngest kid, questioning is part of them and anything in between.

In this paper, I am going to deliver the things I learned in Introduction to Philosophy. Thus, answering the question: What is Philosophy? Also, I will explain anything about what I have learned in the subject in connection to the said problem..

So, what is Philosophy? It’s hard to define Philosophy because it covers a wide range of area of knowledge that people find it difficult to describe what it really is when asked what is it about. People sometimes are comfortable answering it in such a way that they will be able to explain it based on their life experiences. “The nature of Philosophy is itself a Philosophical question.” If Philosophy is part of man’s existence then man’s life is full of questions. As what I have read in some books, Philosophy doesn’t tell you what to think, it tells you how to think. Thus, a man with a Philosophical mind has never-ending questions on the top of his/her head.

Questioning is a basic human demand because it serves as a communication between a person and another person or in a group people. There are three Disciplines in Philosophy namely Discipline of Questioning,Discipline of Liberation and Discipline of Personhood.

In the Discipline of Questioning, asking questions is the way to discover, to know and to understand one’s self. A person will ask himself/herself who he/she is, what he/she is capable of doing and then reflect with it. When he/she is able to answer his/her questions and eventually understood himself/herself even more, Discipline of Liberation comes in. A person may, at first, belong in a box where all the sociological norms are nonrepresentational. He/she is already fixed with rules and regulations from the environment he/she is in. A person must give himself/herself a distance from where he/she belongs in the first place so that he/she will be able to view the world and accept experiences that will somehow shape him/her. In the Discipline of Personhood, a person may have experienced a lot from jumping out of the box and reveal himself/herself to the world. He/she will start asking questions about wisdom and love from other people and eventually gain knowledge from it. A person doesn’t stop to develop in these disciplines. One may not be satisfied with it and may repeat the process all over again.

Every person has his/her rights to achieve freedom. In fact, the human itself is freedom. There is no such thing as right or wrong. What we call right are those things which appear good to us; those which give us comfort ability and satisfaction on something. Wrong things are the opposite but it doesn’t usually go that way. For example, a woman who is pregnant might indulge in abortion. If that woman believes that abortion is good and not that bad at all, she might indulge to it. Since every person has the right to choose, she might choose to do it. It is the self that decides what is good and what is bad. On the other hand, she might refuse from doing it maybe because she knows and believes that it is a wrong act. Since the public portrays it to be injustice and bad; she believes it is illegal. Sometimes, what we call right is what the society and public decides to be a moral act that other things which are being tagged as wrong are stereotyped to be bad and immoral. Hence, majority is not always right.

People have minds. What is it to have a mind? The mind helps the person to think, to act accordingly and to respond what the person thinks is right. More importantly, it helps the person to formulate questions. According to John f. Kavanaugh, Philosophy is a personal affair of question-asking. People tend to ask themselves what, how or why whenever they encounter things in their everyday lives and relate it to the whole world. By question-asking, a person is either unconsciously or intentionally thinking. But before the person undergoes on the thinking process, he/she must able to get the insight which is then the so-called crucial element of thinking. One must get the point or insight then he/she is able to think. “Insight then is the beginning of thinking, as thinking is to philosophizing.”

“Living wisely is not always thinking wisely; thinking wisely is living wisely.” Socratic wisdom is about asking questions. It is by questioning that one can know the level of one's knowledge and ignorance. It is by questioning that one can know the truth. It is by questioning that one becomes wise when one knows that he/she doesn't know what he/she doesn't know. One certainly knows his/her knowledge when one knows what he/she knows. One is ignorant when he/she pretends to know what he/she doesn't really know. Also, one can gain wisdom if he/she knows not the whole thing but at least has the right knowledge to explain things.

Man exists in the world, search up in the world and later choose what they want to do. More likely, defining themselves. For human beings, we first exist and then later on we become something. That something is what we choose to do or to be. We won’t become something or someone until we choose what we are and what to become. Philosophy teaches us about living life wisely, thinking rationally and knowing your freedom. If a man is absolutely free, the man is responsible of himself. Also, questioning has been one of the things which help a person grow and develop one’s self.

October 5, 2009

Qoute: Take It Easy

“Take it easy, all things will be done.” -- Ate Rachel

When I told her I have 3 projects (Project Proposal, Logical Design & Statistics Research Study) to finish tonight plus 3 chapters to read for tomorrow’s long quiz in Database.

September 22, 2009

Materials Science Quiz
Answers by JP

II. Discussion: Answer the following questions briefly. (5 points each)

1. State the 3 steps in making steels.
1st get the ingredients/get materials. 
2nd heat it and combine/mix.
3rd mold it like you want it.

2. Explain the hazards of sand.
It might enter your eyes and it will hurt. Quick sands are also dangerous because it will kill you.

Anybody But Me

I am existing because I know what it means to exist.
I am not existing because I am determined.
I am controlled by somebody.

The meaning of my life is self-creation.
It is never be created by anybody but me.

September 17, 2009

Why Are We Not Thinking?

You tend to live your life fully, more carefully and more wisely when you encounter near-death experiences or even just seeing a dead person but after a while, that thinking will soon fade away and you continue living you life ordinarily without thinking about death.

September 16, 2009

The Darkness of Conventional Understanding

Man sometimes has no originality in living their lives because they are caught up by conventional understanding that what the public think is good, he/she thinks it's good. What the public think is right, he/she thinks it's right and it'll never be wrong. It seems that man is not thinking at all because he/she lives his/her life following the rules which the public has given to him/her.

"Man is told what to think, how to see life, what is the nature of experience. There is no freedom to encounter life in an original way."

As Martin Heidegger expresses it: "Every supremacy is silently suppressed, every original thought is glossed over as well known, every triumph is vulgarized, every mystery loses it power."

September 15, 2009

Dindo, Myt, Ryu, Bhilly, Jabe
Matt, Don, Epoy, Carlo, Francis, Aids, Ojie, Shaun
Niel, Doi, Mike, James
Nikko, Kai
Mil, Eileen
Michi, Mai, Mark
And of course, my classmate since Grade 2, DABUY!!! 


September 13, 2009

A Deep Bottle For Sanity

As soon as it touches my mouth i knew it will taste good enough... well i assumed it will and so it will be..

every toast for every word is true but pretty conditional in the end -conditional because you'll never know if everything will be forgotten the next day or not and we always put our trust on it...

Consumed almost half of it still you're not that drunk... and everything is clear.. you will laugh for a reason.. know your safest way to the restroom.. and youre so much excited to get back to your seat and finish the rest of what you started.. it gives you that smooth feeling.. confident that everything is going your way and you know you're above the rest...

A quarter of it left.. it taste bitter down to your throat.. yes, youre still not drunk but you feel like burning inside.. you feel that cold sweat and everything looks uneasy.. everything you do can now be complicated.. you talk to much and say stupid words most of the time.. you laugh harder over nothing.. worst, it reminds you of how sad you are..

You're holding an empty deep bottle.. everything around you is spinning.. everything you do is wrong.. and you shout for every mistake the other has made.. you slap your face for doing such things and that part hurts so bad even if the rest of your body is numb.. now.. you're in regret.. saying to yourself.. i never would've been tempted.. now, everything tasted so bitter.. i vomit all the good things i had before -- all of those that has made me happy.. and i am stuck in this situation.. headache, heart beating slowly.. and i can't think of anything right...

In the end.. i am only holding this deep empty bottle... reminding me how i wasted my time --knowing it will be good for me.. but as i say.. everything is just a waste of time...

September 8, 2009

Swirl Of Distractions

We pursue chasing distraction than evading it. Sometimes, we tend to do other things rather than to be more focused on our work. We can't deny it because it's good and fun...

Does studying rather than going to parties, do extra curricular activities, be involved in other social organizations and the like, any good? of course, not!

Distraction is a self-creation. There should not be blaming with other people because it's your decision after all. If you're forced to do something that you really don't want and you let yourself be forced to do it and in the end of the day, you blame others because you failed on that. Why? You let yourself do it, you should be blaming yourself and not others. Remember, there's a choice in every decision you make. If you feel like you can't do something which others are forcing you to do it, then choose not to do it because in the long run, you'll find yourself blaming those people. That is if you fail. Well, most of the time, it happens.

September 7, 2009

The World In A Cage

We’re living in a world of phenomena, which is a world of deception, It is what you see that you’re deceived. You believe that what you see is real and there’s nothing more about it. Let’s try to get out of that cage and be in the world of being, where it is what it is, and a world of unchangeable reality.

September 3, 2009

Wisdom as the Knowledge of the Ultimate Reasons or Causes

It is true that not all human beings are capable of explaining things – how such a thing works, how is it made etc. One’s knowledge is not big enough to explain everything in this world, even things that are outside of this world.

That is why, in the modern age, people are taking college courses of their choice and focus on one learning such as engineering, architecture, nursing etc. But it doesn’t mean one will be able to answer one’s question once he/she is finished with the course. It is not always in theory that one can gain wisdom. It could also be by practicing his/her skills abiding with the theory he/she has learned. By this, he/she will definitely gain wisdom.

According to the given example in the book, the mathematician is honored for his wisdom mainly because in the world of science and technology, many people with the right piece of knowledge can explain how technology works but it is the mathematician who can explain ever further than the latter.

In conclusion to this, people can gain wisdom if he/she knows not the whole thing but at least has the right knowledge to explain things.

September 2, 2009

Room R202 stories

"Next is intersection... So, the intersection would be..."


My pen fell down. I hurriedly looked at it flat on the floor. Uh-oh! I stood up from my chair, bent my knees and grabbed it. The "pin-point" (As what Bhilly calls it) of my Pilot pen is now gone and I can't use it anymore.

My friend, Mark, laughed at me. Maybe because he knew what happened to my pen. I gently stood up... My professor's still continuing with her lecture.

Day dreaming has always been my hobby ever since I entered this class. I only listen attentively on the first 30 minutes of the time allotted for the subject and the rest, it's either day dream or talk to my seatmate. It has always been like this since prelims and believe it or not, I got 86 for the first term.

So, I went out and decided to buy a new pen. While on my way to the nearest bookstore near Claveria gate, I saw my HS friend, Cham, who was reading the so-called "special issue" of Atenews. It's about the what they call "Anomaly" during the fiesta/intrams last, last week.

When I entered the bookstore, there were students blocking the sales lady who is in-charged in the pen section. i waited for minutes, just standing at their back, thinking they were buying something which keeps the sales lady busy talking with them. Fortunately, after minutes of waiting, she looked at me and I raised my empty pen and said, "miss, refill. point four. black."

Just when I reached my order, I heard the girls laughing about something which I really don't know what is it about but I'm pretty sure they were not actually buying something from there. I intentionally raised my left eye brow to one of the girls who looked at me. Hey, a bookstore is not a place for chitchat w/ friends, there's the gazebo where you guys can talk endlessly without delaying other people.

I hurriedly went back to the classroom and ...

My professor is giving us a seat work. Later. 

And I Lose Control

The truth is that I’m terrified, absolutely terrified. Not the kind of fear you get from the very top of the rollercoaster or a high building, or when you feel like you’ve taken a corner too sharp in your car. But the kind of afraid you had when you were a kid. The one when you lay in bed at night surrounded by dark on every side. The one where you thought about your parents dying. The one where you thought about being alone. The one when you thought about how many years, months, days, hours, seconds, breaths you had left. And then you’d start to count them (just to make sure they were still happening) one…two…three…i’m here…four…five…six…still here…seven….eight…Adults don’t want to talk about dying or losing, or hard things like that. Ignoring it is so much easier. I wish I could ignore it. I want to feel ok again. I don’t even care if I ever make it back to happy…I just want to be ok.

August 18, 2009

Missed Connection: Cute guy in NBS

Some cute guy in National Book Store.

A surprise quiz in Philo 101

Socratic wisdom is about asking questions. It is by questioning that one can know the level of one's knowledge and ignorance. It is by questioning that one can know the truth. It is by questioning that one becomes wise when one knows that he/she doesn't know what he/she doesn't know. One certainly knows his/her knowledge when one knows what he/she knows. One is ignorant when he/she pretends to know what he/she doesn't really know.

July 28, 2009

Probability and Statistics class"

Bhilly and I were having fun speaking the "th" language.

B: Hey Debie GraTHe BerTHabal!
D: Yeth? Bhilly Ray TabaTHa?
B: Do you know whatTH our leTHon in probability and ThtatiTHticTHs for today?
D: Oh, THkewneTH?

... and everyone were laughing with uTH!

July 27, 2009

I Miss

I miss 
          the taste of beer.
I miss 
         drinking with my buddies.
I miss 
          being fetched at home early in the morning.
I miss 
          hanging out at Torres.
I miss 
          having coffee with my friends.
I miss 
          getting into a fight then reconcile afterwards.
I miss..
          I miss..
                     I miss..

July 15, 2009

Conversation with U

U: "tulong po"
D: "Yup?"
U: "engineer, marunong ka po ba  magconfigure ng router ng PLDT?"

"Stop distracting yourself from studying mat sci bitch!" -- Daboy

July 10, 2009

During Materials Sciences class:

Dr. J: "Class, there are four types of defects... first, linear defects... hmm.. the best example is this row! that lady is not properly aligned in this row.. siya ang defect."

Debie: *smiles*

July 5, 2009

Some Rainy Days

Sitting by the window
Watching the rain
Empty chairs
Empty tables
Remind me of the past
I wish I could turn back time.

July 4, 2009

I could turn back time

Sitting by the window
watching the rain.
Empty chairs and empty tables
remind me of the past.
I wish i could turn back time.

June 17, 2009

During Materials Science class:

Dr. J: "What instrument do we use to measure the mass of a certain object?"
Jabe: "Massometer!"

June 7, 2009

Isn't She Beautiful?

I was on my way to the backyard when I saw this beautiful moon shining above me and reflecting its light to the sea.

May 20, 2009


I dreamt of my mama this morning and in my dream I was crying while looking at my mama lying on her bed but she smiled at me and she held my hand so tight. That was the most beautiful dream I've ever dreamt! I woke up with a big smile on my face! and said, "This should be a beautiful day!"

You know what? I may not understand why mama smiled at me and held me so tightly. But I think its because she wants me to stay calm amidst all the troubles I've been to these past few days. I've been crying and crying every night before I go to sleep. I'm worried about something that might change everything about and around me. Maybe she knew that I can't stand these things anymore. She is the most understanding person I've ever known!

Thank you mama for always being there. Though I can't personally talk to you whenever I need something unlike before still you made me feel that you're still there. You never put me down. You're always here... beside me. Thank you so much!

You made my day, ma! :)

May 16, 2009

After That, I Faced My Own Depression





May 7, 2009

Galit Ba Ang Langit?

Gabi gabi na akong kinakabahan.
Sa tuwing naririnig ko siya,
Hindi ako mapakali.
Bakit kaya?

Para bang galit na galit siya sa akin.
Tatlong araw na siyang ganito.
Gabi gabi naririnig ko.
Bakit kaya?

Wala naman akong nagawang masama sa kanya.
Ni hindi ko nga siya pinapansin..
Sa tingin mo?
Bakit kaya?

April 10, 2009

all my troubles seemed so far away
now it looks as though
they're here to stay.
oh i believe in yesterday..."

this plainly reminds me of my mama. 
i remember singing this song with her 
while she's on her bed. 
even though she can't pronounce the words 
clearly, she tried her best to sing it with me.
i miss her.

I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly..."

ma, thank you. 
thank you for always being there 
with me. thank you because you 
helped me understand what 
life really is. 

i know you're always here 
with us, you and papa. 
with the both of you, 
i'm whole again.

"Why she
Had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say.
I said,
Something wrong, now I long for yesterday..."

it was really hard for us, 
your sons and daughters, 
to let go of you. you are 
our mama and you will always be 
in our hearts and always be 
remembered. we love you. :')

we long for those times when 
we were all together celebrating 
one's birthday party, christmas 
& new year celebrations, 
graduations, everyday. 
we long for you, 
everyday. :)

April 3, 2009

Saan Na Ang Diary ko?

meron akong kaibigan
magaling sa math, science.. sa lahat!
ngunit siya ay bobo kung minsan
lalo na't pag ako ang kaharap.

hindi naman ako mas magaling sa kanya,
sadyang nagiging tanga siya
kapag ako ang kausap niya.
malamang crush niya ako, diba?

lagi siyang nakatingin sa akin
tinutukso niya ako sa iba

hindi ko siya type
hindi talaga!

ngayong gabi,
gusto kong matulog ng mahimbing.
gusto kong managinip ng maganda.
sana makapiling ko siya.

hindi ko alam anong dapat gawin...
napasulat lang ako dahil miss ko na 'to.

saan na ang diary ko?

March 8, 2009

Branded Ba?

Kanina lang sumakay ako ng jeep pauwi sa bahay. Nakaupo ako sa dulo. May katabi akong naka-dilaw na t-shirt, berde na skinny jeans, pink na tsinelas at pulang bag na parang pinaliguan ng kiwi sa sobrang kintab. Sa harap ko naman ay isang lalaking naka shades, black na sando, bughaw na gusot gusot na panatalon, tsinelas na maitim at may hawak na papel sa kanang kamay. Pagkatapos kong pansinin silang dalawa, naalala ko bigla na may binili pala akong vitwater na color blue sa isang convinience store malapit sa paaralan kanina. Agad-agad kong kinuha ito sa loob ng bag at binuksan para inumin.

Pagkatapos, ibinalik ko ito sa loob ng bag at tumingin sa labas ng parang bintana ng jeep. Napatingin ako sa sapatos kong chuck taylor at tiningnan na rin ang tsinelas nung lalakeng nakaupo sa harapan ko. Hangang-hanga ako sa paa niya, mabuti pa ang paa niya, naka Hvaians. Tumingin ako sa tsinelas ng babaeng nakaupo sa tabi ko. Hindi ito Hvaians, pero malinis ang paa niya kung ikumpara mo sa lalakeng naka-Hvaians.

Naisip ko tuloy, ito talaga ang reyalidad.

Halos lahat ng taong mayayaman, marumi ang trabaho o di kaya, maloko, corrupt, atbp. Habang ang taong mahirap, desente, malinis at kuntento sa kung anong meron sila.

Teka lang, wag agad kayo mag-react. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na lahat ng taong may Hvaians ay marumi at lahat ng taong walang ganun ay malinis. Pwede rin naman, marumi lang at yung isa mas marumi. hahaha! loko lang. Pero totoo, kung ikumpara mo talaga ito sa ating gobyerno, talagang tumpak ako dito. Kaya payo ko lang sa mga against dito, hindi kayo ang pinaparinggan ko kundi ang gobyerno. Peace sa lahat. :)

This is just my opinion. I'm not against the identity of those two people I mentioned earlier. I am just comparing those sleepers to our corrupt government and to the Filipinos who are suffering from poverty. If you're not satisfied with this, feel free to criticize my work.

March 1, 2009

Loss Of Innocence

When its a free day and you have no other things to do, most probably you would go online. What if your sister wants to borrow your laptop and since you're a good and patient sister you let her use it and wait until she's done. Thinking that maybe she's gonna use it for like 30 mins or so. But 30 mins has passed and you see your sister enjoying the time she spent in the cyberspace, you prefer to watch tv and let your sister spend more time on the net. After all, when she's done, you'll be able to use it for infinity.

You turned on the tv. You pressed 1 and 7 buttons and you're now tuned in to National Geographic Channel. You enjoyed the documentation and you were kinda serious about it. After a while, you're sister was very noisy, shouting, because her crush just added her in her facebook account. Because you understand your sister's emotion, not to mention you act the same whenever you see your crush, instead of shouting at her to be quiet, you prefer to get out of your room and stay at the sala and continue watching the documentation.

Your brother is sleeping on the sofa but still you turned on the tv and minimized the volume because you don't want your brother to disturb in his sleep. Minutes has passed, your brother woke up just when the show has ended. He told you to change the channel to 10 because he wants to watch the news...

Now that you find yourself worthless this time, your sister's still using your laptop and she's in your room and your brother's watching the news plus its raining outside. You got nothing else to do, so you prefer to watch the news with your brother. At least, you'll learn something new from watching it...

The news was all about military fighting with each other and there were killings happened in this certain area in Mindanao and you see dead and bloody people on the streets and luckily, there's one bomb that didn't explode out of seven! Upon hearing this, you told yourself, "Is this for real? Is there really military groups that are fighting with each other, killing people and consequently bombing crowded places like what I see on tv? Is this not scripted or whatever?". Now you're clueless about what's going on in the outside world...

Now, What do you really feel whenever you see dramatic scenes or even action scenes or war scenes on movies? Can you compare it when you see the same scenes in the news? Does the impact to you still the same? Knowing that the one shown in the movies are scripted and the one shown in the news are the real thing? How would you describe it?

Just a while ago, our NSTP-CWTS class has conducted a forum for us students to be aware of what's going on in Mindanao. There were two speakers: Major .... and Army Major .... (I wont mention their names here.) I have learned more about terrorism, communism and insurgency. The forum has taught me a lot of things concerning about different military groups here in mindanao. It made me realize that somehow I'm lucky that I'm still alive. I should be more aware this time.

Our country is poor though were rich in terms of natural resources but still 75% of the Filipinos are peasants, 15% in labor, 8% in middle class and 2% in higher class. Indeed, Philippines is poor, corrupt and crooked that you can even erase it on the world map because of its damaged face.

Go, figure it out for yourself.

February 21, 2009

Why would I get jealous over her?; Why would I get angry over him?

I don't know what to feel right at this very moment.
I want to slap myself for being so stupid that I went home straight without even saying goodbye to those guys.
I just don't want to see his face for the last time.
I know I don't have the rights to act like this but hey I'm hurt! I have the rights to be hurt and the freedom to blog, right? right!
So, for those people who knows who I'm talking about,
please, just keep your mouth shut.

I never should've expected too much.
I never should've gave him special attention and what not.
I never should've talked to him like he's already my living and talking diary.
And lastly,
I never should've considered him as a candidate for my love. HAH! XD

So, what now?
Guess I'll just have to forget you
and be happy with my life without you in it. :P

January 29, 2009

Finally He Noticed

I won't expect too much though, because I know, in the long run, I will be disappointed again. Maybe I'll just have to accept the fact that were just friends. By the way, thank you for your gestures a while ago. It made me smile.

I wouldn't be repeating these words if I wasn't, right?
So, I'm going to repeat it again,

Because you see? it has been more than one month since you didn't notice me (or maybe you just don't want that long period of time, I was very confused and scared. I didn't know what's the reason behind you not minding me at all.

And how dare you only greeted "hi" to this guy when this guy was with me? You never considered me at all! Hey! You're being rude, dude! Those times were the heaviest, man! I was confused. i don't know what's wrong with you.

You made me think that I did something wrong, something that is against your will or maybe just a plain something. You made me conclude a lot of things between our friendship. You made me... think... really... HARD!

I even told myself, "Maybe I should forget him... Maybe I should not consider him as a friend anymore... Maybe I should claim that were not friends... Or, Maybe not. Maybe I should wait for the time when he will notice me again."

BUT then again, God really is sincere. He answered my prayers. This guy noticed me, at last! He even held my hands a while ago and talked to me like as if there was nothing wrong... was there? I mean, is it possible that maybe I was just the one who keeps on thinking things like these? and exaggerated it? I don't know. I have proofs though, but.. oh well.. it doesn't matter anymore. As long as, were back to our old selves. LOL. Were Okay now.

Maybe, yes...
Maybe, no...

January 27, 2009

Kids Comparison

Its funny how children nowadays play games on the street or anywhere else. If you let me compare it from my time to date, I would definitely say, "children now are more high tech than what we were before...". Admit it, we may have played video games but it is far more different and far more 'high tech' than what children has today.

I remember the times when I pushed my sister to borrow her friend's game boy just to finish super mario brothers. Brick game was also my addiction. But a family computer was always my friend. My mom had ordered/bought a family computer in which the seller/retailer/maker (or whatever you call them..) connected its joysticks to a bigger one. They were designed as a profit gainer. A player must suffer 1 peso, put it into a coin slot and the game will start and ends for about 1 min or so. (and because it was our business, my mom let me play it for free. I would open the lock and put a stick on the coin slot so that the computer would think that there was a coin inserted on it. And by that, it would not stop me from playing the game. Wise, eh? haha! and my friends would watch me play the game!) If you are a rich kid, you never shouldve encountered or even played this one. Just for the information for those who are rich kids, it is a "television-family computer station" more like a playstation but of course PS is a different thing. :D

When you ask me, "Did you enjoy your childhood days?", I would definitely say, "YES!"... Why? its because I have encountered a lot since childhood. I played a lot of games such as... Virus, Tumba Lata, Sisira ang bulaklak, Kikimbing, Tagu-anay, Taga-anay, PS-PS-I love you, Chinese Garter, Playing Cards, Rubber bands, Sha tong, name it, I have had played it. LOL.

It makes me laugh whenever I hear a kid say, "Whatever yaya, you're such a loser!" and the others would say, "Loser! Loser! Loser!"

What came to mind why I posted an entry like this? It was because I heard some little kids outside the street saying and shouting, "loser! loser! loser!" and upon hearing it, I came to realize that kids nowadays are... abnormal.. joke lang.. uhm, they are more westernized? high tech? sosy? whatever. lol.
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