November 10, 2008

Most awkward classroom moment

I never thought my Speech teacher, Miss J, would do such thing to me! She knows I like this boy a lot. Because she heard me screamed inside the room after class as I saw this boy walking along the corridor. I didn't know she was still in the room. I was like, "hala ka diha! naa akong crush sa gawas!" and then when I looked back, I saw Miss J smiling at me and asked, "sino yung crush mo?" and then my classmates were giving clues and all. And then she asked, "engineering ba? hmm, baka under siya sa akin last sem?" and then I just smiled and she started guessing who the boy is by mentioning some names. When she mentioned his name, everyone in the room were like, "uuuyy..." but I just smiled. I didn't know what to say. I can't disagree anymore because it's the truth! Hahaha! And then, she told me that, "Ok, I'll tell him about that." And I was like, "Ma'am, you can't be serious. Ayaw uy!" and then she left us with a smile. So, I wasn't bothered by that because I know she will not do it. Unless she's really a prankster which isn't really a bad thing. A prankster teacher is cool and very rare and I think she's not like that. 

So, here comes Monday. My morning classes were kind of heavy because I had an exam in Physics and a nose-bleed lecture in Mechanics. I usually don't talk whenever I feel heavy and depressed. In the afternoon, my energy went back. Laugh trip all the way! Anyway, so here comes the exciting part: Miss J went inside the room. And then, she was talking in front; giving us a lecture about the do's and dont's in speaking in front and even introduced us to a device used in public speaking. Whenever the teacher speaks for about 20 mins or so in front, the student will normally feel sleepy. So that's what happened to me until she said: "Am I right, B*?"

Hearing the name, my eyes were widely opened and then I looked back to see who she was reffering to. I actually thought she was reffering to some guy in class at the back but then when I looked back, everyone were staring at me and figured out that who Miss J was referring to was exactly him! I was so surprised and everyone were still looking at me and teasing me! I felt like they all knew my crush was there the whole time and I feel so lost and betrayed and fooled! And then, I faced in front and my teacher was smiling at me. I wanted to laugh and at the same time wanted Miss J to continue her lecture because it's really awkward.

So after that, Miss J continued her lecture which was a relief but she always said "Right, B*?" and "Right, Debie?" every after explanation and then looked at me and smile.

It was really awkward and fun (I guess for my classmates!). After class, Miss J told me "I didn't tell him that you like him." and then teased me. Hahahahaha what a cute prankster!

B* and I sometimes talk over Yahoo Messenger. And you know what? He actually said he would love to sit-in Miss J's class again. What the fuck.
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