October 15, 2008

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Have you ever felt like you're so sad because you missed everybody in the past but you can't do anything about it because of the fact that you should face the reality that you will never encounter them anymore?

I didn't notice that I'm gently rubbing out the people whom I have spent with during my childhood days. And I felt so bad because of it. I missed them for sure!

If you're one of my childhood friends and you happen to read this, I would like to ask you these things; Do you, in your life, ever happen to remember the things we used to do? Do you, in your teenage years, ever happen to remember what we used to dream about? Or do you just forget all of these and let all bygones be bygones? ;(


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    ka sad uie =((

    maremember ko xa.. az in!! pag maremember moh bah... gusto mo anjan na agad sila sa harap mo para ma hug mo nah.. huhuhuhuhu


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