September 27, 2008


It's quite strange of me to love oldies songs. I used to love rock/metal and the like. I even play it live. Listen to it everyday/overnight. Memorize each line of the song and imagining how it is played on guitar.

But now, I'm beginning to like oldies stuff. Like Sir Frank Sinatra's, Beatles', Don McLean's...

Does that mean I'm that old already? Like it's been only days since I reached the legal age.

It was dinner time when I told my brother that I'm beginning to like oldies songs and he said, "You should be. You're old already. Hahaha!" and we fought again for the nth time. After dinner, I went to my room and talked to my sis over yahoo messenger and told her about it and she said the same thing. She even told me that she's proud of me. Hahaha!

Well, I guess I just have to stick to the reality that I have grown-up already. It's time to make things in a mature way. It's time to think and decide independently. It's time to know my responsibilities. I'm beginning to love my life now more than I have loved it yesterday and the day before yesterday.

It is.. just.. AMAZING.. how music.. helped me.. to be more.. than.. what I am.. before :)


  1. muncher yo` hahahaha.. uie2 lingaw gud ung oldies dibi.. c aidz naminaw sad daw ato.. nalingaw daw xa.. hahaha moon river?? ai xempre!! favoritesSs nah!! hehehe yey ayo na among NET! im back na!!

  2. Yay, welcome back! :)

    Moonriver!!! <3


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