June 30, 2008

Melodies Of Life

“Alone for a while
I’ve been searching through the dark
for traces of the love you left
inside my lonely heart.
To weave by picking up
the pieces that remain.
Melodies of life
love’s lost refrain..”

I am alone for more than a year now. I never really thought of moving on since the day we’ve parted. Still I continued walking in a dark rocky pathway – no birds, no butterflies, no sparkling gold to guide my way. Expecting to stumble into something that will lead me to the memories we had.

“Our paths they did cross though I cannot say just why
we met, we laughed, we held on fast and then we said good bye.
And who’ll hear the echoes of stories never told?
let them ring out loud till they unfold…”

I was only 14 years old when you left me and I was only 16 when you left me again. Two souls that are perfectly binded together to yield something extraordinary. Two souls who promised to be always there when I need them. Two souls that changed my life, changed everything into something beautiful... something wonderful… something magical.

“In my dearest memories,
I see you reaching home to me.
Now you’re gone,
I still believe that you can
call out my name..”

I kept on thinking about the memories we had together. Those times when I was down you encourage me to stand up and correct my mistakes. Those times when you scold me whenever I did something bad. Those times when you hug me whenever I’m afraid of something. Those times when you sleep beside me when I’m sick.

Ma and Pa, I missed you so much. I’m just missing you badly. It’s raining here, I’m feeling cold. I miss the warmth of your hug. I would like to thank you for everything. I’ve become what I never thought I would be. I’m a woman now. I know my responsibilities and all and it’s because of you. Thank you so much! Take care of yourselves, okay? I love you both!


  1. Markus5:10 PM

    A very sad and yet very inspiring entry dhebz. well done. I love it! Makes me appreciate my parents more ^_^

  2. melodies of life? diba sa FF9 yan? hehe

    haaay dhebz ok lng yan. i know kasama mo lang sila parati everywhere you go. kaya wag ka magcge gara2x kay makita ka nila.. ^^

  3. ate rachel5:11 PM

    agoy dib
    mkahilak man pud ta ana

    don't take it seriously
    bcoz they r watching us ol d time
    f u r doing dat
    probably they r not happy also
    watching u dat way

    might as well
    be happy ol d time
    go 4 ur goal
    be a good girl 2 ur bro & sis
    and they will b happy too..
    ok sis?

    everytime u rmember
    our dear parents
    offer a little prayer 4 them..

    i love you sis!

  4. i know this song!hehehe...pampatulog ko to...


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