June 11, 2008

First day in Integral Calculus and Physics

For Integral Calculus class:

F: "who'll answer number 11?"
Nobody raised their hands.
F" "ikaw?"
D: "wala po akong sagot maam."
F" "just try.. let me see the equation..that's easy..cge na.. answer it.. okay lang ba deb?"
Tinignan ko yung equation... I was like: pota, ako pa nakita. ang hirap kaya nito!
F: "deb? okay lang?"
D: "okay.. try ko lang.."
So.. okay naman yung sagot ko.. hindi ko lang siya na simplify kasi walang calculator.. lol!
F: "oh.. marunong naman pala eh.. pero next time try to simplify it class ha?"

For Physics class:

Sir: "Every equation has many stories or statements to tell.. so what do you think F=ma means? anybody? just try"
Nobody raised their hands.
Sir: *looks at the attendance sheet* "Debie? What is F=ma?
D: *Nag-iisip.. Force is equal to mass times acceleration.. eh ano ngayun? ~_~*
Sir: "Nakalimutan na?"
D: *Nodded*
Sir: "Ang tagal na kasi nung physics niyo dba? 4th year pa.. "


  1. ur definitely funny..i bet ur fun to be with..hehe!!hope to get to know u better!!

  2. haha...1st week plang gni deb...na strike 2 na daun ka...

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    hehehe mao ron. ayw lgi cge huna2 ug dota ug dabal. awa. hehehe


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