May 23, 2008

Recycling Monster

I've just watched NGC's Top 5: Earth Report. It's all about Landfills. It is composed of consumer (foods) wastes, green (vegetables/plants) and white (appliances) wastes, tires etc. In L.A., they have engineers who are monitoring the landfill. Not only that, they also have garbologists, who study garbages and the like, and also they have chemical engineers, who monitor the water beneath the landfill and the air of what garbages "breathe out" which is poisonous, I suppose. They also have their own technique to recycle garbages. Some of it are used to provide them electricity that can power up almost 100 houses. It's pretty amazing. So, can you imagine that? garbages are now being used to be the source of electricity, well that's in L.A..  A lot of people are working hand and hand for the betterment of their country. While here in Philippines, you can't see engineers nor garbologists not even chemical engineers that's monitoring our landfill. How sad. Now, I'm thinking of what will happen to us in the near future if we'll not work up on it.


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    waw Deb! I didn't know you care for the Earth so much! hahaha.. since when? hahaha.. aylabyoo 'day! hahaha

  2. i thought recycling was against the law?? oh well.. i guess i'd better start my career as a tour guide.. haha XD


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