May 18, 2008

Poor Debie

Dreaming isn't bad but doing it all the time isn't good at all. - Lesson learned.

Because when you dream plenty of beautiful and wonderful things at the highest rate and believing that it can possibly come true there will come a time when all you think about is what you dream about. You are very confident to share it with your friends cos you know that it's something to brag about. Everything is in order - in the right place. In other words, PERFECT! and undoubtedly, you feel happy/glad about it. 

Until such time, when all things have changed, well, everything is capable of changing and it's a fact, you're whole world turns into all black. You can't see anything but darkness. Any time by now, you're depressed. Let's say you're in the state of Great Depression. Worse, you don't have someone to save you from falling. No one, not even a single shadow. You feel great pain and most probably, by this time, it's better to die. Still, you believe in your 'dream'. Even if it's really difficult to reach it this time. You still believe in miracles. Miracles are shit. Shit happens all the time. Not for everybody but for me. I'm always like this.

Sometimes, I wished I was supergirl. I can do lots of things. Strong enough to fight for my rights. Putting "Super" before my name is pretty hilarious. I can't even show bravery to my friends. I can't even wipe a single tear falling from my eyes down to my cheeks. I can't even fight those morons. Ain't brave enough to do that.

If the word RESPECT doesn't exist maybe by this time I already became a superhero, supergirl - superdebie. I'm just an ant and the rest are just cockroaches.

At this point in time, I can feel nothing. I dont know what it's called but everytime my tears dry up, there's something within me that's pushing me to the point where I start dreaming again but it's not only "dreaming again" it's more like "wishing again". Still, I'm weak.


  1. Hnn.. Kapag wala po'ng nanaginip na maging super, wala po'ng magiging super.

    'Saka po, Super ka na naman po eh, kahit sa blog lang. Maganda po'ng simula 'yan. Hnn.. ^_^

  2. YOU'RE super debs. super duper. :]

  3. Thank you, Rawr! Thank you, Min! :)


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