May 2, 2008

Economics Rant

Okay! I got 71 in Economics for midterm! Who cares? Almost all of us in Mr. I-dont-know-his-name class got low grade, for the second time. Who cares? Who does? LOL! I hate him in the first place. If only he teaches us very well then we wouldn't be getting low low low grades in his subject. It's his fault and mine too. lol. His because... it's for you to find out; go attend his class. You'll surely know why. Mine because I didn't take the subject seriously and I don't give a damn in his lessons. I HATE HIS CLASS! SWEAR! PROMISE! CROSS MY HEART! MAMATAY PA KO! AAAAAAAH!!!

May exam pa ako tomorrow in Literature and it's almost midnight na. :(


  1. wah debie! good luck with that economics class of yoursss. did you ever remember that teacher's name?hahah sounds like someone you'd want to avoidd. haha xxD

  2. thanks vin ^_^ nah.. I dont want to know his name forever! lol!

  3. go debie! you can do it! haha. how sad. nobody knows his name[yung economics teacher]HAHA. oh well. tama lang din. :))


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