May 23, 2008

Recycling Monster

I've just watched NGC's Top 5: Earth Report. It's all about Landfills. It is composed of consumer (foods) wastes, green (vegetables/plants) and white (appliances) wastes, tires etc. In L.A., they have engineers who are monitoring the landfill. Not only that, they also have garbologists, who study garbages and the like, and also they have chemical engineers, who monitor the water beneath the landfill and the air of what garbages "breathe out" which is poisonous, I suppose. They also have their own technique to recycle garbages. Some of it are used to provide them electricity that can power up almost 100 houses. It's pretty amazing. So, can you imagine that? garbages are now being used to be the source of electricity, well that's in L.A..  A lot of people are working hand and hand for the betterment of their country. While here in Philippines, you can't see engineers nor garbologists not even chemical engineers that's monitoring our landfill. How sad. Now, I'm thinking of what will happen to us in the near future if we'll not work up on it.

May 21, 2008

Conversation with X

Xejii: clue sinong RICKY na isang lugar pero di siya nakatira dun?
superdhebz: ricky martin!!!!
Xejii: mali
superdhebz: what?
Xejii: dpat masagot mo yan!
Xejii: XD
superdhebz: ahahahahha
superdhebz: i knew it already
Xejii: sige nga?
Xejii: ano?XD
superdhebz: it's ricky davao!
superdhebz: hahahahaha
Xejii: hahaha

May 18, 2008

Poor Debie

Dreaming isn't bad but doing it all the time isn't good at all. - Lesson learned.

Because when you dream plenty of beautiful and wonderful things at the highest rate and believing that it can possibly come true there will come a time when all you think about is what you dream about. You are very confident to share it with your friends cos you know that it's something to brag about. Everything is in order - in the right place. In other words, PERFECT! and undoubtedly, you feel happy/glad about it. 

Until such time, when all things have changed, well, everything is capable of changing and it's a fact, you're whole world turns into all black. You can't see anything but darkness. Any time by now, you're depressed. Let's say you're in the state of Great Depression. Worse, you don't have someone to save you from falling. No one, not even a single shadow. You feel great pain and most probably, by this time, it's better to die. Still, you believe in your 'dream'. Even if it's really difficult to reach it this time. You still believe in miracles. Miracles are shit. Shit happens all the time. Not for everybody but for me. I'm always like this.

Sometimes, I wished I was supergirl. I can do lots of things. Strong enough to fight for my rights. Putting "Super" before my name is pretty hilarious. I can't even show bravery to my friends. I can't even wipe a single tear falling from my eyes down to my cheeks. I can't even fight those morons. Ain't brave enough to do that.

If the word RESPECT doesn't exist maybe by this time I already became a superhero, supergirl - superdebie. I'm just an ant and the rest are just cockroaches.

At this point in time, I can feel nothing. I dont know what it's called but everytime my tears dry up, there's something within me that's pushing me to the point where I start dreaming again but it's not only "dreaming again" it's more like "wishing again". Still, I'm weak.

May 9, 2008

That was very entertaining, was it?

It all started on May 8,2008. Everything has changed. It's not because it's my friend's birthday but because of something else. I will never forget the words he said to me in front of many people. I never expected something like that would happen. It was my first time. First time to ever feel the feeling of being ashamed and I mean, big time! It was my fault anyway. Then again, I never expected something BIG would happen. I was sorry, yet it seems that he wants to do "it" again. I don't know.. but that's what I feel now. I'm scared.. :(

From that day on, my perspective has changed. My direction has changed. Everything has changed. And I thank him for that. I feel like more mature to handle things. I'm sorry if I was childish. I'm sorry if I acted like a stupid girl. I'm sorry if I didn't give any respect. I'm sorry.. :(

I have to move on cos I believe moving on is the best way to forget those things.

May 2, 2008

Economics Rant

Okay! I got 71 in Economics for midterm! Who cares? Almost all of us in Mr. I-dont-know-his-name class got low grade, for the second time. Who cares? Who does? LOL! I hate him in the first place. If only he teaches us very well then we wouldn't be getting low low low grades in his subject. It's his fault and mine too. lol. His because... it's for you to find out; go attend his class. You'll surely know why. Mine because I didn't take the subject seriously and I don't give a damn in his lessons. I HATE HIS CLASS! SWEAR! PROMISE! CROSS MY HEART! MAMATAY PA KO! AAAAAAAH!!!

May exam pa ako tomorrow in Literature and it's almost midnight na. :(
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