December 29, 2008

Hay. Why can't he just treat me like how the way he treats her? Why is it that whenever we talk, he's so cold like he doesn't want to make a conversation with me. Its sad to think that I'm deeply i love with him yet he's feeling the same for another girl. Why can't I be just like her? No. I'm not insecure. Its just that, I want to be liked by someone like him.

November 10, 2008

Most awkward classroom moment

I never thought my Speech teacher, Miss J, would do such thing to me! She knows I like this boy a lot. Because she heard me screamed inside the room after class as I saw this boy walking along the corridor. I didn't know she was still in the room. I was like, "hala ka diha! naa akong crush sa gawas!" and then when I looked back, I saw Miss J smiling at me and asked, "sino yung crush mo?" and then my classmates were giving clues and all. And then she asked, "engineering ba? hmm, baka under siya sa akin last sem?" and then I just smiled and she started guessing who the boy is by mentioning some names. When she mentioned his name, everyone in the room were like, "uuuyy..." but I just smiled. I didn't know what to say. I can't disagree anymore because it's the truth! Hahaha! And then, she told me that, "Ok, I'll tell him about that." And I was like, "Ma'am, you can't be serious. Ayaw uy!" and then she left us with a smile. So, I wasn't bothered by that because I know she will not do it. Unless she's really a prankster which isn't really a bad thing. A prankster teacher is cool and very rare and I think she's not like that. 

So, here comes Monday. My morning classes were kind of heavy because I had an exam in Physics and a nose-bleed lecture in Mechanics. I usually don't talk whenever I feel heavy and depressed. In the afternoon, my energy went back. Laugh trip all the way! Anyway, so here comes the exciting part: Miss J went inside the room. And then, she was talking in front; giving us a lecture about the do's and dont's in speaking in front and even introduced us to a device used in public speaking. Whenever the teacher speaks for about 20 mins or so in front, the student will normally feel sleepy. So that's what happened to me until she said: "Am I right, B*?"

Hearing the name, my eyes were widely opened and then I looked back to see who she was reffering to. I actually thought she was reffering to some guy in class at the back but then when I looked back, everyone were staring at me and figured out that who Miss J was referring to was exactly him! I was so surprised and everyone were still looking at me and teasing me! I felt like they all knew my crush was there the whole time and I feel so lost and betrayed and fooled! And then, I faced in front and my teacher was smiling at me. I wanted to laugh and at the same time wanted Miss J to continue her lecture because it's really awkward.

So after that, Miss J continued her lecture which was a relief but she always said "Right, B*?" and "Right, Debie?" every after explanation and then looked at me and smile.

It was really awkward and fun (I guess for my classmates!). After class, Miss J told me "I didn't tell him that you like him." and then teased me. Hahahahaha what a cute prankster!

B* and I sometimes talk over Yahoo Messenger. And you know what? He actually said he would love to sit-in Miss J's class again. What the fuck.

October 31, 2008

Like I told you

Here I go again. Wow. It has been a long time since I've felt something really painful emotionally. It sucks big time. I don't even know why I cried and why did I let those tears fall on my cheeks and most especially, why did I cry over such thing?

Like I told you, it was just a mistake.

October 27, 2008

Too much!

Maybe I am clueless and all it takes is a smile or a hello at a guy and they think you are interested or are hitting on someone.


October 18, 2008

Jabe and Bhilly

During Physics. Wala mi mabuhat kay si sir dugay kaayo. Dili ko sure kung nag-exam ba mi ani or nagcheck na ug paper. Basta. Whatever Physics. haha. :) Hay. Makamiss man mo ui T_T

October 15, 2008

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Have you ever felt like you're so sad because you missed everybody in the past but you can't do anything about it because of the fact that you should face the reality that you will never encounter them anymore?

I didn't notice that I'm gently rubbing out the people whom I have spent with during my childhood days. And I felt so bad because of it. I missed them for sure!

If you're one of my childhood friends and you happen to read this, I would like to ask you these things; Do you, in your life, ever happen to remember the things we used to do? Do you, in your teenage years, ever happen to remember what we used to dream about? Or do you just forget all of these and let all bygones be bygones? ;(

October 12, 2008

"Pagsure oi! Gwapo ra to kay gabii man" -- Nolin, about that guy I met in a bar one night.

September 27, 2008


It's quite strange of me to love oldies songs. I used to love rock/metal and the like. I even play it live. Listen to it everyday/overnight. Memorize each line of the song and imagining how it is played on guitar.

But now, I'm beginning to like oldies stuff. Like Sir Frank Sinatra's, Beatles', Don McLean's...

Does that mean I'm that old already? Like it's been only days since I reached the legal age.

It was dinner time when I told my brother that I'm beginning to like oldies songs and he said, "You should be. You're old already. Hahaha!" and we fought again for the nth time. After dinner, I went to my room and talked to my sis over yahoo messenger and told her about it and she said the same thing. She even told me that she's proud of me. Hahaha!

Well, I guess I just have to stick to the reality that I have grown-up already. It's time to make things in a mature way. It's time to think and decide independently. It's time to know my responsibilities. I'm beginning to love my life now more than I have loved it yesterday and the day before yesterday.

It is.. just.. AMAZING.. how music.. helped me.. to be more.. than.. what I am.. before :)

September 14, 2008

Letter to God

If an ordinary person would ask "Do you love me?" three times, I would show him the evidences how much I love him. If my family would ask me the same thing, I would tell them that I wouldn't become what's I have always wanted if not because of them. If God would ask me the same question, I would show to Him my sacrifices and say "I wouldn't be able to surpass all of these if I don't love you..."

Thank you Lord for everything. You know how much I love you. I want to ask for forgiveness because I know I've been bad lately. I hope you will help me bring back my faith in you. I need you so much.

August 7, 2008


It was my mom who introduced me to Him. She said that He could be my brother, my uncle, my friend and my guardian angel. She also said that He can grant my wishes, my hopes, my dreams and all. I was and am really happy that mama introduced me to Him. Really.

I can still remember the time when my mama taught me how to pray. We were inside our room, sitting on our bed with our eyes closed, make a sign of the cross, our hands are clasped and I would repeat after every word that my mom has to say.(And I bet all of you know these words too!)

After that, were ready to sleep. It became a habit for me. Until now, I still do this every after I go to bed. BUT... things have changed. Ever since, my mom and dad died, my faith for him is slowly fading away. I never wanted it to happen that way. I don't even know how did it start, what did I do and why I became like this.I stopped praying because I thought that it's just a waste of time and God never existed in the first place.I never went to church because I thought that it's just a place where people wants to waste their time and that I can do a lot of things within 1 hour and 30 min over the net.I discontinued reading The Bible because I thought that it's just a collection of books and that nobody reads that book and that book is just a myth or something in other words - I didn't believe everything that is written there.

AND YES! I WAS WRONG! VERY VERY WRONG! I just realized that those things that I thought against Him were the factors why I can't live my life at its best. Those were the things that stopped my from living life to the fullest.

My friend and I talked about it during our Theology class and I told her that iwant to change my life back to it's normal state. Yes, I am aware that I've been living my life without direction. She sent me a message a while ago, saying, "Dibi, after you read this, turn off your phone. Go to a place where you can be alone. because God wants to talk to you! Thank Him for everything from the air that you breathe up to whatever you want to thank Him. Take as much time as you want. Close your eyes but don't lie on your bed.." I was speechless.. I just remembered what she said earlier, "I always pray at 9 pm" and the time she sent this message was 8:59:32 so that's about 9:00 pm already. I was stunned.Maybe she's right. God really wants to talk to me. So yes, I did it. 

Upon saying the word "Thank you", a tear fell on my cheeks and another one and another one and so on. Every tear that fell is equivalent to the burden that I've been carrying from the day I stopped believing on Him up to this very moment. It feels soooo good to talk to Him once again. for soooo many years. I'm relieved. I feel like I still have a purpose and that is to live my life as clean as I could. 

And now I'm here, talking and sharing about it because I want you to know that from now on, I will try my best to change every little bad thing that I'm used to do. I know it's impossible to just change everything in a snap but I am willing to sacrifice and determine myself to be a good sister, a friend and a daughter. ;)


and lastly, 
for accepting me again in your HEART. 

August 3, 2008

Somebody told me to cry and laugh

I have this premonition that I will never be the same old Debie that I was before and that is based on the things that happened in and out of my life. I never thought of becoming like this. However, I'm beginning to understand what it's like to be a grown-up kid.

I still need guidance and support. In other words, I need both of my two sisters to stand by my side but they are so far away. It's far beyond what is usual. I miss talking to them, though we always fight over simple things. Being with them is just like being with my parents again. I miss them a lot.

July 28, 2008

According to Mr. Physics

Physics class:

"There are more than one force acting on a body... may force dito, dito, dito, so on and so force!"

"Always make sure that your point of reference is a dog."

July 27, 2008

Come what may

Ehem. Ehem. Kamusta naman ako? Ayun. Problemado. Bakit problemado? Dahil may exam ako bukas sa Integral Calc at hanggang ngayon wala pa akong naintindihan sa application ng indefinite integration. Nakakatamad kasi mag-aral ng math. Lalong-lalo na kapag alam mong bagsak ka sa prelim, babagsak sa midterm at prefinals. In short, babalikan mo next sem. Nakakawalang gana pero go paren. (ganun talaga ang buhay men!)

Minsan iniisip ko, ano kaya ang mangyayari sa akin kapag nabagsak ko `to this sem at babalikan next sem? Ano kaya ang gagawin ng mga taong nagpapa-aral sa akin kapag nabagsak ko `to? Baka hindi na nila ako pagpapa-aralin at magiging tambay na lang sa bahay habambuhay! Sarap `nun! Ayun, alam kong nag-oover react na ako. Pasensya. Pasensya. OA lang talaga ako minsan. Haha.

Nagugutom ako, hmm.. gusto kong kumain ng spaghetti kaso wala akong ingredients at hindi ako marunong magluto. (I suck at cooking men! demmet!) Kanina lang nagtanong si Jonji sa akin kung paano magluto ng adobo dahil parang mali raw yung steps niya. Aba`t may steps pa pala yun? lol. ngayon lang, nag-gm si Mikki sa YM at ang sabi: Pancit Canton + Sardines = Spaghetti. Wow! perfect timing! and because im craving for spaghetti, gusto ko itry ang sinabi niya. Ano kaya lasa nun? lol.

Ten thirty na, kailangan ko na mag-aral. Sana may matutunan at maintindihan ako. Good luck sa akin. (o.o).v

July 20, 2008

Conversation with P

patrick gavas: why put shio's face on the IM chart?
superdhebz: why should i?
patrick gavas: why should you?
superdhebz: exactly
superdhebz: why should we?
superdhebz: lol
superdhebz: unsa daw
patrick gavas: what if we did?
superdhebz: i dont know
superdhebz: lol
patrick gavas: what if you knew the answer?
patrick gavas: what then?
superdhebz: what the eff
superdhebz: samok
patrick gavas: why are you frustrated?
superdhebz: why are you soo kulit?
patrick gavas: why are you questioning my curiousity?
superdhebz: am i?
patrick gavas: are you?
superdhebz: shouldnt you ask yourself about it?
patrick gavas: why should I?
superdhebz: why should you?
patrick gavas: are you trying to pass the question should be yours to answer?
superdhebz: errr..
patrick gavas: why are you not answering the questions?
patrick gavas: why are you stalling?
patrick gavas: why?
patrick gavas: what if you knew all the answers?
superdhebz: what will i get if i answer those questions?
patrick gavas: what then?
patrick gavas: abolutely nohing
superdhebz: exactly
superdhebz: so why should i answer?
patrick gavas: AHAHAH
superdhebz: hahahaha
patrick gavas: human dayon
patrick gavas: post na
patrick gavas: hahah

July 15, 2008


I haven’t cried for a while because I can’t find a reasonable reason (!) for me to cry. I miss crying though. I miss the feeling of missing someone. Sometimes I think I’m naive. I know I miss him but there’s something that stops me from missing him. The past is over, yet I’m still yearning for something to happen between us. I blamed him without proof. I already know what will happen next that time. So, I accused him right away. I don’t want to be the one who’ll suffer, the one who’ll wait for something that doesn't really exist in the first place, the one who’ll look stupid, the one who’ll be laughed at because I’m being serious about it. I know karma will take its place soon. Soon enough! ;( I feel so weak every time I think about it and super annoyed.

July 10, 2008


It was just 
an idea out 
of boredom.

And I will never
commit the same 
mistake again!

July 5, 2008

I know you love her, and she's lucky indeed

I want something extraordinary to happen between us. I know it's impossible. It'll never happen. But I'm still hoping for it to come true. I've been acting stupid ever since the day when I had the chance to talk to you. I never really thought that I will like you cos I never really cared in the first place..

You're really something and I'm nothing. You're close to perfection yet I'm still nothing compared to other girls. You smile like my favorite anime character does.You talk so sweet and humble and whenever I walk beside you I feel like I'm going to stumble. I don't know but that's what I feel whenever you're around.

You sat beside me. We were talking and laughing and all but you stood up and walked towards her. You touched her hair and kissed her forehead. I started to imagine myself to be that girl. I know you love her and she's lucky indeed.


I promise to myself that I will never fall in love again. Maybe I'll just have to concentrate on my studies for now. I know there's someone out there for me. I'll just wait. Oh well.

June 30, 2008

Melodies Of Life

“Alone for a while
I’ve been searching through the dark
for traces of the love you left
inside my lonely heart.
To weave by picking up
the pieces that remain.
Melodies of life
love’s lost refrain..”

I am alone for more than a year now. I never really thought of moving on since the day we’ve parted. Still I continued walking in a dark rocky pathway – no birds, no butterflies, no sparkling gold to guide my way. Expecting to stumble into something that will lead me to the memories we had.

“Our paths they did cross though I cannot say just why
we met, we laughed, we held on fast and then we said good bye.
And who’ll hear the echoes of stories never told?
let them ring out loud till they unfold…”

I was only 14 years old when you left me and I was only 16 when you left me again. Two souls that are perfectly binded together to yield something extraordinary. Two souls who promised to be always there when I need them. Two souls that changed my life, changed everything into something beautiful... something wonderful… something magical.

“In my dearest memories,
I see you reaching home to me.
Now you’re gone,
I still believe that you can
call out my name..”

I kept on thinking about the memories we had together. Those times when I was down you encourage me to stand up and correct my mistakes. Those times when you scold me whenever I did something bad. Those times when you hug me whenever I’m afraid of something. Those times when you sleep beside me when I’m sick.

Ma and Pa, I missed you so much. I’m just missing you badly. It’s raining here, I’m feeling cold. I miss the warmth of your hug. I would like to thank you for everything. I’ve become what I never thought I would be. I’m a woman now. I know my responsibilities and all and it’s because of you. Thank you so much! Take care of yourselves, okay? I love you both!

June 15, 2008


I haven’t cried for a while because I can’t find a reasonable reason for me to cry.
I miss crying. 
I miss the feeling of "missing someone". 

Sometimes I think I’m naive.
I know I miss him but there’s something that stops me from missing him. 
The past is over, yet I’m still yearning for something to happen between us. 

I blamed him without proofs. 
I already know what will happen next that time. 
So, I accused him right away. 

I don’t want to be the one who’ll suffer. 

The one who’ll wait for something that doesn’t really exist in the first place.
 The one who’ll look stupid. 
The one who’ll be laughed because I’m being serious about it. 

 I know karma will take its place. 


I feel so weak every time I think about it.

June 11, 2008

First day in Integral Calculus and Physics

For Integral Calculus class:

F: "who'll answer number 11?"
Nobody raised their hands.
F" "ikaw?"
D: "wala po akong sagot maam."
F" "just try.. let me see the equation..that's easy..cge na.. answer it.. okay lang ba deb?"
Tinignan ko yung equation... I was like: pota, ako pa nakita. ang hirap kaya nito!
F: "deb? okay lang?"
D: "okay.. try ko lang.."
So.. okay naman yung sagot ko.. hindi ko lang siya na simplify kasi walang calculator.. lol!
F: "oh.. marunong naman pala eh.. pero next time try to simplify it class ha?"

For Physics class:

Sir: "Every equation has many stories or statements to tell.. so what do you think F=ma means? anybody? just try"
Nobody raised their hands.
Sir: *looks at the attendance sheet* "Debie? What is F=ma?
D: *Nag-iisip.. Force is equal to mass times acceleration.. eh ano ngayun? ~_~*
Sir: "Nakalimutan na?"
D: *Nodded*
Sir: "Ang tagal na kasi nung physics niyo dba? 4th year pa.. "

June 2, 2008

By: Debi and Francis

Adunay upat na mag-bestfriends. Si Colt45, Red Horse, San Miguel ug Tanduay. Nagtambay sila sa ilang 'hang-out' place para mag chill kuno except kay Tanduay na wala pa niabot.. late as always.

C45: Oi bay! Asa naman si Tanduay? Murag dugay² na sab ko wala kakita ato ba. Na-miss na nako siya.. /gg
RH: Ambot lagi uy. Piste man tung animala to na pirminti man ka-late sa atong sabot.
SM: Ay, daaaah! Ngano maghulat man mo ato na wala man to siya'y pulos (oops! sorry dabuy!) sa atong grupo! Kung pwede gani pahawaon na nato siya sa atong "group".
C45: Relax lang bay. Init sad kaayu ka ug ulo uy. Nganong init man kaayo ka ug ulo? ha?
RH: Lage. Pag-sure uy!
SM: It's none of your business bay. Kaya kung pwede shut up ka nalang.
RH: Oops! Relax mga beybeh! Dara sigarilyo o! Chill lang mga bru!

Sa dihang niabot si Tanduay...

T: Uy! Bay! Sorry kaayu late na sab ko.. /gg
RH: Sige ka lang sorry... Yosi o! Chill sa ta! kay init kaayo ug ulo si San Miguel.
T: Mao! Matingala pa ka nga always mana siya inana! /gg
C45: /gg.. Mura mag gidugo ning tawhana ni.. unsa man? tanaw na lang ta ug porn sa balay!

Nagngisi ang tanan.. hihihi.. ^_^
Nanlakaw sila padulong sa balay ni Colt 45... Sa dihang nilabay si Emperador Brandy. Sexy na makatulo ug laway na gwapa kaayo na ambot na lang uy!

T: Yawaa uy!!
RH: Hubaga ana bay uy!
C45: Whew! Gipaningot ko!
SM: Ohh! So hot!

Pagka-abot sa balay nila Colt 45, sila Tanduay ug Colt 45 naghuna² kay Empe. Si RH ug SM, nalingaw kaayo sa "show". Mga 30 minutes na ang nilabay si Tanduay nigawas sa balay para magchill. Sa gawas nakitan niya si Empe.

T: Hi Empe.
E: Uy! Hi Tany!
T: Musta na ka?
E: Okay lang ko.
T: Pwede manguyab?
E: *nagblush*

Si RH ug SM nangita kay Tanduay...

RH: Asa naman tung kagwanga to!
SM: Lagi. Colt45 gawasa ra gud didto! Tawaga kay lami na kaayu diri oh! Ma-miss niya ang action!

Nigawas si Colt45.. Sa dihang...

C45: Huy Tanduay! Gipangita ka nila didto o!
T: Pota.. unya na gud kay busy pa ko diri.
C45: Unsa mana bai? Ilugun na sad nimo si Empe ha?
T: Kay ngano? Uyab mo? Bagag leps.
C45: Ay pota! unsa man? Sumbagay na lang!
E: Boys! Tama na please!

Nagsumbaganay ang duha sa kilid sa kalsada. Ginapigilan ni Empe ang duha... Sa dihang na tuklod nila si Empe ug nabanggaan ug bouldoser, nalata, patay!

Naguul ang tanan.. nakahuna² sila sa ilang mga gibuhat. Pero wala na may mausab. It serves as a lesson for them. Mao na. Dili na nila pag-awayan ang gugma. Huhuhu! 

*Lit1 seatwork*

May 23, 2008

Recycling Monster

I've just watched NGC's Top 5: Earth Report. It's all about Landfills. It is composed of consumer (foods) wastes, green (vegetables/plants) and white (appliances) wastes, tires etc. In L.A., they have engineers who are monitoring the landfill. Not only that, they also have garbologists, who study garbages and the like, and also they have chemical engineers, who monitor the water beneath the landfill and the air of what garbages "breathe out" which is poisonous, I suppose. They also have their own technique to recycle garbages. Some of it are used to provide them electricity that can power up almost 100 houses. It's pretty amazing. So, can you imagine that? garbages are now being used to be the source of electricity, well that's in L.A..  A lot of people are working hand and hand for the betterment of their country. While here in Philippines, you can't see engineers nor garbologists not even chemical engineers that's monitoring our landfill. How sad. Now, I'm thinking of what will happen to us in the near future if we'll not work up on it.

May 21, 2008

Conversation with X

Xejii: clue sinong RICKY na isang lugar pero di siya nakatira dun?
superdhebz: ricky martin!!!!
Xejii: mali
superdhebz: what?
Xejii: dpat masagot mo yan!
Xejii: XD
superdhebz: ahahahahha
superdhebz: i knew it already
Xejii: sige nga?
Xejii: ano?XD
superdhebz: it's ricky davao!
superdhebz: hahahahaha
Xejii: hahaha

May 18, 2008

Poor Debie

Dreaming isn't bad but doing it all the time isn't good at all. - Lesson learned.

Because when you dream plenty of beautiful and wonderful things at the highest rate and believing that it can possibly come true there will come a time when all you think about is what you dream about. You are very confident to share it with your friends cos you know that it's something to brag about. Everything is in order - in the right place. In other words, PERFECT! and undoubtedly, you feel happy/glad about it. 

Until such time, when all things have changed, well, everything is capable of changing and it's a fact, you're whole world turns into all black. You can't see anything but darkness. Any time by now, you're depressed. Let's say you're in the state of Great Depression. Worse, you don't have someone to save you from falling. No one, not even a single shadow. You feel great pain and most probably, by this time, it's better to die. Still, you believe in your 'dream'. Even if it's really difficult to reach it this time. You still believe in miracles. Miracles are shit. Shit happens all the time. Not for everybody but for me. I'm always like this.

Sometimes, I wished I was supergirl. I can do lots of things. Strong enough to fight for my rights. Putting "Super" before my name is pretty hilarious. I can't even show bravery to my friends. I can't even wipe a single tear falling from my eyes down to my cheeks. I can't even fight those morons. Ain't brave enough to do that.

If the word RESPECT doesn't exist maybe by this time I already became a superhero, supergirl - superdebie. I'm just an ant and the rest are just cockroaches.

At this point in time, I can feel nothing. I dont know what it's called but everytime my tears dry up, there's something within me that's pushing me to the point where I start dreaming again but it's not only "dreaming again" it's more like "wishing again". Still, I'm weak.

May 9, 2008

That was very entertaining, was it?

It all started on May 8,2008. Everything has changed. It's not because it's my friend's birthday but because of something else. I will never forget the words he said to me in front of many people. I never expected something like that would happen. It was my first time. First time to ever feel the feeling of being ashamed and I mean, big time! It was my fault anyway. Then again, I never expected something BIG would happen. I was sorry, yet it seems that he wants to do "it" again. I don't know.. but that's what I feel now. I'm scared.. :(

From that day on, my perspective has changed. My direction has changed. Everything has changed. And I thank him for that. I feel like more mature to handle things. I'm sorry if I was childish. I'm sorry if I acted like a stupid girl. I'm sorry if I didn't give any respect. I'm sorry.. :(

I have to move on cos I believe moving on is the best way to forget those things.

May 2, 2008

Economics Rant

Okay! I got 71 in Economics for midterm! Who cares? Almost all of us in Mr. I-dont-know-his-name class got low grade, for the second time. Who cares? Who does? LOL! I hate him in the first place. If only he teaches us very well then we wouldn't be getting low low low grades in his subject. It's his fault and mine too. lol. His because... it's for you to find out; go attend his class. You'll surely know why. Mine because I didn't take the subject seriously and I don't give a damn in his lessons. I HATE HIS CLASS! SWEAR! PROMISE! CROSS MY HEART! MAMATAY PA KO! AAAAAAAH!!!

May exam pa ako tomorrow in Literature and it's almost midnight na. :(

April 26, 2008

April 25, 2008

Conversation with T

towi ako: teka muna.
towi ako: iho ka ba or iha?
superdhebz: ihi
towi ako: jumingel lang si mommy tapos ikaw na lumabas
towi ako: ano nga
towi ako: ate or kuya?
superdhebz: oo
towi ako:
superdhebz: hmmm
towi ako: nene or totoy?
superdhebz: ikaw
superdhebz: anong gusto mo
towi ako: wow! may choice ako!
superdhebz: syempre
towi ako: ayus.
towi ako:
superdhebz: dahil sa egames, u rule!
towi ako:
towi ako: saka ko nalang aalamin.
towi ako: sakto lang, nasa unknown ka naman eh
towi ako:
superdhebz: so, ano choice mo?
superdhebz: yes or no?
towi ako: di tiyak.
towi ako:
superdhebz: true or false
superdhebz: abstract ka nmn sa paningin ko
superdhebz: ~_~
towi ako: abstract is good. kapag nasa internet
towi ako:
towi ako:
towi ako: um..
towi ako: ang
towi ako: stupid
towi ako: ko.
superdhebz: oo nga
towi ako: may status ka pala sa ym. andun na pala yung clue
towi ako:
towi ako:
towi ako: hi kuya dhebz!
towi ako:
superdhebz: hahahaha
superdhebz: galing!!!
towi ako: yes dear. it's forensic science.
towi ako:
superdhebz: i hate science
superdhebz: i love math
towi ako:
towi ako: so anong pwedeng itawag sayo?
towi ako: dhebz? dibi?
towi ako:
superdhebz: math
towi ako: langya.
towi ako:
superdhebz: ippost ko tung conversation natiin
towi ako: saan nga pala nagmula ang dhebz?
superdhebz: ikaw ang nawawala kong ....
towi ako:
superdhebz: unggoy
superdhebz: sa langit
towi ako: haneeep. yung mga lines mo pwedeng hiramin minsan?
superdhebz: ikaw bahala
superdhebz: konsyensya mo na yan
towi ako:
towi ako: ung debie or dhebz ba.. nagmula sa pangalan na
towi ako: deborah?
superdhebz: hindi
towi ako: eh
superdhebz: mali ka
towi ako: saan
superdhebz: angel
towi ako: san nga
superdhebz: o cge na nga
superdhebz: sa devil nlng
towi ako: suko na nga ako
superdhebz: bkit naman
superdhebz: wala na akong kaaway
towi ako:
towi ako: sagutin moko ng matino para may kaaway ka pa mamaya
towi ako:
superdhebz: debie grace
superdhebz: grace -
towi ako:
towi ako: away na tayo ulet
towi ako:
towi ako:
towi ako: ang lungkot naman ng blog mo
towi ako:
superdhebz: oo nagppost pa ako ulit
superdhebz: lols
towi ako: yung blog ko. sobrang bihira ko malagyan ng post
superdhebz: summer kasi ngayun
superdhebz: kaya bblog nlng ulit ako
superdhebz: boring eh
superdhebz: hehe
towi ako: last post ko, nung valentines pa
towi ako:
towi ako: link !!
towi ako:
superdhebz: ~_~
towi ako:
towi ako: oh well
towi ako: pero kung sisipagin ka
towi ako:
towi ako: may mga matitino din akong pinost jan na baka sipagin kang basahin
towi ako:
superdhebz: uhm
superdhebz: o cge na nga
superdhebz: napilitan ako
towi ako: yey
superdhebz: ayoko basahin
superdhebz: pero pinipilit mo ko
towi ako: at bakit
superdhebz: kaya babasahin ko nlng
towi ako: oye!
towi ako:
superdhebz: wala ka bang awa
towi ako: meron.
towi ako: magmakaawa ka muna
towi ako:
superdhebz: awa awa awa
towi ako:
superdhebz: alms alms alms
towi ako:
towi ako: kamusta ang pagbabasa?
superdhebz: nagbblog pa ko
superdhebz: wait lng
towi ako: aba. akala ko nagbabasa ka na

April 20, 2008

When Do You Give Up?

"If two people love each other, but they just cant seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough? If you love somebody, when do you give up?"

April 19, 2008

Oh Yes! I'm A Great Pretender.

I know you're doing this for a purpose. I know somehow you used me for certain reasons. I know that you're forcing yourself to love me because you want to forget someone or something but remember this: I enjoyed every minute pretending to be your girl. We'll just keep on pretending, okay?

April 17, 2008


I hate it when somebody touches my belongings without any permission. Who doesn't?! I'm starting to cool down already. I just need some air to breathe out the shit she dumped on me. :p

March 23, 2008


Am I really numb enough that I survived 1 month w/ out crying?
Have I totally moved on? 

February 25, 2008

Heart Attack

I'm missing someone in my past
Someone whom I've shared my life for a while
I know it's bad for me to remember it
But I can't help myself to reminisce.

I played the game
yet I didn't win
He was too serious about it
but still, I didn't care.

Now that he's gone
I feel very guilty
I should have told him that I used him
But it's too late

I'm the one who is suffering
while he's enjoying his life with another girl
I'm trying to be like him
- Honest, loyal and true
But how can I become one

When I'm always feeling blue?
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