March 12, 2007

A Child In The Innocence Of Sleep

Every night, she cries herself to sleep. Everything is void; so vast that she couldn't see anyone or anything. All she can see is herself, lying on the floor. She bowed down. After a while, she heard a sound ... footsteps ... going toward her ... At last! There's somebody who'll save her from the emptiness of the dark room.

She felt happiness for the first time. As the sound of the footsteps became louder and louder, she was very excited to see who's coming. She saw a red color, a red dot on the floor ... She touched it ... BLOOD! A drip of blood! She wondered why there's a drip of blood on the floor? What was that footsteps she heard? She bravely stood up. "Why?!", she screamed. Her voice echoed. She waited for a response.

After a while, she heard a sound for the second time. But it wasn't what she expected to hear. It wasn't footsteps anymore but it was a sound of a marching band. She was scared but still she bravely widened her eyes to see what makes that noise. She saw red people with horns on their head, holding pitchforks and shouting her name with killer melody.

She closed her eyes and ran as fast as she could but still, she was caught up. Crying ... crying ... crying ... They took off her dress. She was naked and defenseless. Her body being punched to death and her soul being burned by the devils around her.

"HELP! Somebody! Help me!", she shouted out loud but no one could hear her except for the devils who were there watching and laughing at her. Looks like the devils are still not satisfied, They want to kill her but they want to see her suffer more and more. They want to see blood dripping little by little from the girl's eyes.

They tied her around an oak tree. She's still crying. She can feel the pain passing through her body. She screamed out loud but her voice is drowned by the devils' laugh.

Inch by inch, blood is dripping from her eyes but still she's alive. Her body is weak. Its color changed from brown to violet. She's running out of air still her eyes are bleeding blood, thick red blood. She can't shout nor scream. Still, she can hear the frightening voice of the devils ...

She prayed the Lord's prayer: "... do not bring us to the test, but deliver us from evil ... amen."She wiped the blood dripping in her eyes, closed it. She gathered strength and power deep within her body. When she stood up to take revenge, she first made a sign of the cross, asking for Lord's assistance, and opened her eyes but she was surprised that she saw a light from the window. She felt very happy for the devils were gone. She thanked God for it was only a dream, a bad dream. She went to the altar and made a sign of the cross.

" Pray first before going to bed. We may never know what will happen after we close our eyes .."

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