September 11, 2006

okay okay .. as what i have promised to you .. i will tell to you about my birthday party,before and after.

okay ^^, first. when i woke up in the morning, i was sooooo excited to see my birthday cake, the salads, lechon... and everything! including my guests and my brother's visitors. ( we have the same birthday actually ^^,)

so there, i took a bath then i went out to rent some tables and chairs. my friend, cheene, went to our house too early. hahaha! ^^, everybody was soooo very busy preparing foods for the party later. so, we decided to go out and go to boystrek internet cafe. hehehe ^^,

so there.. when i entered the chatroom ( #ateneo) bryan and bryan (yeah, they have the same names! hahah! sooo confusing...) PM me and they greeted me happy birthday.. i thanked them and told them that they will have to go to the party later on. and they agreed. ^^, i texted james too. so the three of them will go to the party.

ahmm .. the party started at 6:oo pm .. but before the party we had a house blessing with Rev. Mervin Maglana, my bro's and sis' friend. after the house blessing the party had started. ^^,

we ate and ate and ate and ate a lot of fooooods! hehehe! ^^,

thanks to Cheene, Rae, Diane, Rachel, Justney, Rocel, Dianna, Bryan, Bryan and James for coming! ^^,

weee! im sweet sixteen! hehehe! cant wait to be 18! ^^,

September 9, 2006

September 7, 2006

it's my birthday tomorrow .. weee!! ^^,

my classmates will be here tomorrow!! im super duper excited!! haha ..

happy birthday also to my brother .. ^^,

i have nothing more to say. i'll just share to you the happenings and everything about my birthday celebration tomorrow after the party. okay?

ciao .. ^^,
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