August 15, 2005

halu! today is sunday another hectic day for me.. hhmm... i did a lot of chores like uhmm.. washing plates, sweeping the floor.. arranging things.. cleaning my room. i arranged my clothes. put things back in order. and whoa! guess what!? it looks like a room of a ****** hahaha!! nah... nevermind me... hihi..
anyway, im very disappointed with my disc man! coz it's not functioning again! arrrgggg!!

i printed out the schedule for mojofly and i will put this one in front of my cabinet so that i will never forget their gigs!! like as if i can go to there gigs! wahaha! for those who want to have a print out of mojofly's gigs for this month... here it is... just copy paste it... :)
16 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
17 (Wed) 4pm LIVE @ NU 107!
19 (Fri) 11pm Gweilo's Bar @ Eastwood
20 (Sat) 12noon Eat Bulaga tentative
21 (Sun) 1pm Fans' Day @ Alfredo's Steaks, Tomas Morato QC
23 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
24 (Wed) 6pm Tower Records @ SM North EDSA
26 (Fri) UP Bahay ng Alumni
28 (Sun) 12noon ASAP tentative
28 (Sun) 5-6pm Jam 88.3 Live Jam Sessions
30 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
31 (Wed) 5pm CD Review @ Magic 89.9!!!
31 (Wed) 9:30pm Dish @ ELJ Building ABS-CBN
so there.
speaking of schedule, the schedule for my first grading exam will be on wed, thur, and fri. exam na!! labanan na ng utak to!! hahaha! i havent reviewed yet... im tired.. i feel lazy! can somebody help me in reviewing my notes?? haha!

hmmm, what else? UAAP!! i'll watch UAAP later.. hehe! :) let's see kung magaling ba tlga tong UE RED WARRIORS!!! hahaha! nyaarrr!!
well.. til here... :)

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