August 26, 2005

Hmm, ang dami ko ginawa kanina sa school. Sa morning muntik na akong ma-late! wahahaha! tas ayun, okay naman. buti at nakapasok pa ako.  tsktsktsk!

anyway, im so happy! tumawag kasi si ... secret! hahahaha!
bye :)

August 24, 2005

uhm, how will i start with this...
well today, ganun parin. very boring.. wala kaming pasok kasi DACS!
will go to sleep. zzz.

August 15, 2005

halu! today is sunday another hectic day for me.. hhmm... i did a lot of chores like uhmm.. washing plates, sweeping the floor.. arranging things.. cleaning my room. i arranged my clothes. put things back in order. and whoa! guess what!? it looks like a room of a ****** hahaha!! nah... nevermind me... hihi..
anyway, im very disappointed with my disc man! coz it's not functioning again! arrrgggg!!

i printed out the schedule for mojofly and i will put this one in front of my cabinet so that i will never forget their gigs!! like as if i can go to there gigs! wahaha! for those who want to have a print out of mojofly's gigs for this month... here it is... just copy paste it... :)
16 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
17 (Wed) 4pm LIVE @ NU 107!
19 (Fri) 11pm Gweilo's Bar @ Eastwood
20 (Sat) 12noon Eat Bulaga tentative
21 (Sun) 1pm Fans' Day @ Alfredo's Steaks, Tomas Morato QC
23 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
24 (Wed) 6pm Tower Records @ SM North EDSA
26 (Fri) UP Bahay ng Alumni
28 (Sun) 12noon ASAP tentative
28 (Sun) 5-6pm Jam 88.3 Live Jam Sessions
30 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
31 (Wed) 5pm CD Review @ Magic 89.9!!!
31 (Wed) 9:30pm Dish @ ELJ Building ABS-CBN
so there.
speaking of schedule, the schedule for my first grading exam will be on wed, thur, and fri. exam na!! labanan na ng utak to!! hahaha! i havent reviewed yet... im tired.. i feel lazy! can somebody help me in reviewing my notes?? haha!

hmmm, what else? UAAP!! i'll watch UAAP later.. hehe! :) let's see kung magaling ba tlga tong UE RED WARRIORS!!! hahaha! nyaarrr!!
well.. til here... :)

August 12, 2005

Ordinary day

There's nothing much going on today.
Today's just like yesterday.
Still an ordinary day.
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