July 30, 2005

this day is a weary day for me. i was too exhausted, wasted.. damn! first, i went to school around 9 am then i stayed there with my group mates cause we will be going to have a practice for neo-ethnic and our drama presentation for filipino. i was with roy, patricia, cheene and angelique. we stayed at our classroom for maybe 30 mins and after that i went out. i talked to my other friends at school. then, i asked patricia if we will going to have our practice in this morning.. then she said that we will going to have our practice later, 1 pm... so i decided to go out and went to counter strike internet cafe. i opened my account in friendster. i checked my email addy. i browsed at mojofly's site.. it was cool! :) weee!! at exactly 1pm.. angelique told me that we will have to start our practice.. so and so.. i logged out and had my lunch, which was a glass of juice and 1 demolino chocolate! yum yum! :) we went to school again... our choreographer for neo-ethnic is approaching us to have our practice at cheene's house.. of course i agreed with them! because i want to go to cheene's house and want to travel at the same time! :) when we arrive at cheene's house.. patricia told us that, before we practice for our dance presentation... we will go and have an adventure at the so called haunted house... so we went there... and found out that the house was too old enough.. uhmm.. i think it was established 50 years ago.. maybe spanish era... uhmm.. so... we went on and on... we entered the gate... the road is a slope.. so it's hard for us to go up... but we tried to.. so there! the atmosphere was soooo different from the city.. as if it was a haunted place... but it is.. sooo its very very scary... i gave my eyeglasses to crizalyn.. because i was annoyed with it.. so there... up to the road.. cheene ran back.. so we too ran back to the gate and as i was running back... i cant stop myself! it's like as if somebody's controlling myself.. damn! i was too scared!!! after that... crizalyn told me that my eye glasses were thrown out!!! my heart beats faster when she told me that!! because i will be scolded by my brother if it happens! but it HAPPENED!!! oh no.. so... we went to the other gate.. we entered there.. and there, we saw a boy.. i thought he's Filipino... but he's Vietnamese.. he's a missionary.. so i told him the story.. and asked him if he can help us get my eye glasses back... he told us that.. the other gate that we entered is not their property.. it was owned by an ambassador in america... so.. there.. we saw a dog! uhmmm... i hate dogs! we were afraid to be bitten by a dog.. so there.. we walk slowly to go out in that place we were in to.. we went back to cheene's house.. we practiced and there... i was toooooo wasted!!!! i have no strength. i was too scared to be scolded by my brother and the rest of the family members... i went home with crizalyn... and i rushed into my room... i missed my glasses.. and i want it back... :(

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