June 27, 2005

Sooooo bad trip! Hayyy. I can't share it with you guys. Sorry. Anyway, I'm happy parin kahit nasa bad mood. Ayus lang. :)

Anyway, to all Mojofly fans out there... check this site: www.mojofly.tk :)

I messaged Karina a while ago. Si Karina ang manager ng Mojofly! And she said: "hi dhebz, maybe this year. thanks!" Hahahaha! Maybe this year daw may gig ang Mojofly dito sa Davao! Yey! I'm excited na! I want to see them live!
May MYMP din sa school namin this Aug 10. O, diba? Sa school pa namin! Entrance fee is 100 pesos only :Þ
I want to take a glimpse of the band. Especially Juris. I think she's pretty! Just like Lougee :D
I also messaged Ate Dylan yesterday. Ate Dylan... siya yung DJ sa NU107.
She said: "bunso, may asthma ako ngayun..." I replied:"y ka nagwork? dpat magrest ka..." She said: "i needed to work.. so.. haaayyy.. " then I replied: "weee! kaya mo yan! kaw pa! hehehe" She said: "yah... hope so.. hehe! kaya ko to! kayang kaya! hehwhe! bunso.. my show will start na.. text you later!" Then I replied: "okeee! :) ingat ka ate.. ingat din pauwi. dont forget to play my favorite song!" Hahahahaha! after that, ayun, pinlay niya yung Broken Sonnet! :)

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