September 7, 2005

weeeee!!!! tomorrow will be september 8! waaa!! birthday ko na! 15 na ako!! weeeee!!! :) hahaha... HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY TOOO MEEEE!!!

August 26, 2005

Hmm, ang dami ko ginawa kanina sa school. Sa morning muntik na akong ma-late! wahahaha! tas ayun, okay naman. buti at nakapasok pa ako.  tsktsktsk!

anyway, im so happy! tumawag kasi si ... secret! hahahaha!
bye :)

August 24, 2005

uhm, how will i start with this...
well today, ganun parin. very boring.. wala kaming pasok kasi DACS!
will go to sleep. zzz.

August 15, 2005

halu! today is sunday another hectic day for me.. hhmm... i did a lot of chores like uhmm.. washing plates, sweeping the floor.. arranging things.. cleaning my room. i arranged my clothes. put things back in order. and whoa! guess what!? it looks like a room of a ****** hahaha!! nah... nevermind me... hihi..
anyway, im very disappointed with my disc man! coz it's not functioning again! arrrgggg!!

i printed out the schedule for mojofly and i will put this one in front of my cabinet so that i will never forget their gigs!! like as if i can go to there gigs! wahaha! for those who want to have a print out of mojofly's gigs for this month... here it is... just copy paste it... :)
16 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
17 (Wed) 4pm LIVE @ NU 107!
19 (Fri) 11pm Gweilo's Bar @ Eastwood
20 (Sat) 12noon Eat Bulaga tentative
21 (Sun) 1pm Fans' Day @ Alfredo's Steaks, Tomas Morato QC
23 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
24 (Wed) 6pm Tower Records @ SM North EDSA
26 (Fri) UP Bahay ng Alumni
28 (Sun) 12noon ASAP tentative
28 (Sun) 5-6pm Jam 88.3 Live Jam Sessions
30 (Tue) 11pm Unplugged @ Adriatico Malate
31 (Wed) 5pm CD Review @ Magic 89.9!!!
31 (Wed) 9:30pm Dish @ ELJ Building ABS-CBN
so there.
speaking of schedule, the schedule for my first grading exam will be on wed, thur, and fri. exam na!! labanan na ng utak to!! hahaha! i havent reviewed yet... im tired.. i feel lazy! can somebody help me in reviewing my notes?? haha!

hmmm, what else? UAAP!! i'll watch UAAP later.. hehe! :) let's see kung magaling ba tlga tong UE RED WARRIORS!!! hahaha! nyaarrr!!
well.. til here... :)

August 12, 2005

Ordinary day

There's nothing much going on today.
Today's just like yesterday.
Still an ordinary day.

July 30, 2005

this day is a weary day for me. i was too exhausted, wasted.. damn! first, i went to school around 9 am then i stayed there with my group mates cause we will be going to have a practice for neo-ethnic and our drama presentation for filipino. i was with roy, patricia, cheene and angelique. we stayed at our classroom for maybe 30 mins and after that i went out. i talked to my other friends at school. then, i asked patricia if we will going to have our practice in this morning.. then she said that we will going to have our practice later, 1 pm... so i decided to go out and went to counter strike internet cafe. i opened my account in friendster. i checked my email addy. i browsed at mojofly's site.. it was cool! :) weee!! at exactly 1pm.. angelique told me that we will have to start our practice.. so and so.. i logged out and had my lunch, which was a glass of juice and 1 demolino chocolate! yum yum! :) we went to school again... our choreographer for neo-ethnic is approaching us to have our practice at cheene's house.. of course i agreed with them! because i want to go to cheene's house and want to travel at the same time! :) when we arrive at cheene's house.. patricia told us that, before we practice for our dance presentation... we will go and have an adventure at the so called haunted house... so we went there... and found out that the house was too old enough.. uhmm.. i think it was established 50 years ago.. maybe spanish era... uhmm.. so... we went on and on... we entered the gate... the road is a slope.. so it's hard for us to go up... but we tried to.. so there! the atmosphere was soooo different from the city.. as if it was a haunted place... but it is.. sooo its very very scary... i gave my eyeglasses to crizalyn.. because i was annoyed with it.. so there... up to the road.. cheene ran back.. so we too ran back to the gate and as i was running back... i cant stop myself! it's like as if somebody's controlling myself.. damn! i was too scared!!! after that... crizalyn told me that my eye glasses were thrown out!!! my heart beats faster when she told me that!! because i will be scolded by my brother if it happens! but it HAPPENED!!! oh no.. so... we went to the other gate.. we entered there.. and there, we saw a boy.. i thought he's Filipino... but he's Vietnamese.. he's a missionary.. so i told him the story.. and asked him if he can help us get my eye glasses back... he told us that.. the other gate that we entered is not their property.. it was owned by an ambassador in america... so.. there.. we saw a dog! uhmmm... i hate dogs! we were afraid to be bitten by a dog.. so there.. we walk slowly to go out in that place we were in to.. we went back to cheene's house.. we practiced and there... i was toooooo wasted!!!! i have no strength. i was too scared to be scolded by my brother and the rest of the family members... i went home with crizalyn... and i rushed into my room... i missed my glasses.. and i want it back... :(

July 29, 2005

Hey, everyone! I'm happy today! :) Wanna know why?!
I told my brother about Mojofly's gigs here in Davao city..
I told him that I want to go there and jam with all the people there!!
Actually, it will be my first time to go to a "club party" or sumthin like dat..
Rock on, Mojofly!! :)

July 27, 2005

Wow! What a day! I woke up at 2:33 AM. I reviewed my lessons in ReEd. At skul.. we had a mass. Karina, Mojofly's manager, messaged me a while ago. She asked me: "whats ur name?" Hahaha! And Beverly, a Mojofly fanatic, said that she wants to make friends with me! Wahahahaha!! Til here... need to rest! Whew! :Þ

July 26, 2005

MOJOFLY will visit DAVAO!!
Aug.18 (Thu) bar anniversary 
Aug. 20 (Sat) NCCC Mall 
Pero tentative pa raw.
Okay lang!
Excited na ako!

July 25, 2005

Hello... I'm here at school.. Hehehe! Wala lang! Just checking out my blog. Hmmm, yesterday I bought a hamster! She's so cute! Ilalagay ko mga pics ni Baby Megumi dito next week! :)

July 2, 2005

Whoa! Today we had a practice for our presentation in Filipino. We practiced at Suzzane's house. It was fun! After that, guess what? I'm super duper mega over exhausted! But it's okay. Araw2 naman akong wasted eh, hahaha! That's all! Peace out :D

July 1, 2005

Yes! First day of the month! I am super duper happy! You wanna know why? I got a perfect score in Chemistry! Weeee! I am very proud of myself. :)

June 30, 2005

Weeee! It's Thursday! Feeling to tuloy it's Monday kasi yesterday walang pasok. Hehe :) Wala lang. We had a departmental mass. Hmm, we had a test in ReEd. What else? Hmmm, yes! I'm happy! Kasi wala kaming Homeroom! Hahaha yun lang :P

June 29, 2005

No classes for today! Weee! Well, typically nasa house lang ako. Hmm, gawa ko? Eto texting, sound tripping, household chores, guitar. Yun lang. Hehe :)

June 28, 2005

Turn by Mojofly

Intro: D-E7- G

Everything you say gets clearer everyday
I no longer have to catch my breath each senseless conversation
Well I guess this is it then
Goodbye gud luck to you

We re no longer seeing eye to eye and still
I allowed myself to be fooled again without any explanation
Well I guess this is it then
Goodbye gud luck to you

Turn your back now and go your own way
Don’t even think that I would want you to stay
Whatever you did will come haunting you come what may
I hope you enjoy your time alone
While you’re listening to this song

Instrumental: B-A-E-E 2x
Why would I want you to stay
Is it because I still love you come what may

June 27, 2005

Sooooo bad trip! Hayyy. I can't share it with you guys. Sorry. Anyway, I'm happy parin kahit nasa bad mood. Ayus lang. :)

Anyway, to all Mojofly fans out there... check this site: :)

I messaged Karina a while ago. Si Karina ang manager ng Mojofly! And she said: "hi dhebz, maybe this year. thanks!" Hahahaha! Maybe this year daw may gig ang Mojofly dito sa Davao! Yey! I'm excited na! I want to see them live!
May MYMP din sa school namin this Aug 10. O, diba? Sa school pa namin! Entrance fee is 100 pesos only :Þ
I want to take a glimpse of the band. Especially Juris. I think she's pretty! Just like Lougee :D
I also messaged Ate Dylan yesterday. Ate Dylan... siya yung DJ sa NU107.
She said: "bunso, may asthma ako ngayun..." I replied:"y ka nagwork? dpat magrest ka..." She said: "i needed to work.. so.. haaayyy.. " then I replied: "weee! kaya mo yan! kaw pa! hehehe" She said: "yah... hope so.. hehe! kaya ko to! kayang kaya! hehwhe! bunso.. my show will start na.. text you later!" Then I replied: "okeee! :) ingat ka ate.. ingat din pauwi. dont forget to play my favorite song!" Hahahahaha! after that, ayun, pinlay niya yung Broken Sonnet! :)

June 26, 2005

This serves as my public diary. You may ask why i chose Super Dhebz as my blog title. Well, first of all, to top it all, all for one and one for all, hence therefore, somehow anymore, and i hope that there will be a lot of more,but unfortunately no more, haha! I got it from my Supeeeh Idol, My Inspiration, My Sister *in my dreams*, Maria Lourdes Grace "superlooj" Basabas. hehehe! :D She rocks my world. i love her! i wanna scream! hehehe .. so there i've said it! happy reading guys! :D

Miss You


I. E-G-C-D
It's been 8 years now
and I'm still searching and waiting
for you to come back to me.


when will I ever see you again?
when we'll be together again?
when will I feel your touch again?
when will I hear your laugh again?


oh... I miss you
I want you here
oh... I miss you
I love you

It's been 8 years now
and I want you
here with me.

(repeat refrain ang chorus)
(repeat refrain)

I miss you.

June 25, 2005

Hi, I emailed VJ Heart two years ago.


hello vj love marie,

first and foremost, i want to greet you a good day . i'm debie grace bersabal and i'm from davao city. pls. play the song like a rose by a1. that song s dedicated 2 u vj heart, to my family, friends, to all the staff of my myx, and to all the basketball players of ateneo blue eagles. vj heart, sana i-guest mo naman ang mga basketball players of blue eagles lalung lalo na si wesley gonzales! plzzzzzzz..............
tnx for playing my request and more power to myx! myx your choice your music

from: a die-hard fan of heart and blue eagles


Perfect Songs For The Night

Hi, this is my first post and as a music lover I will list the songs that I am going to listen for tonight. Among the hundreds of songs that I have in my Music folder, these are the chosen ones/perfect music for the night:

Right now I am listening to Eraserheads. I love them so much! =)

"come on now tell me. would it be a better day for you if you bring me down?"

"nakita ko na lahat dito. pinahihiwatig ng mata mo. salamat na lamang sayo. ohhh"

"ang ugali mo'y iba. hindi bagay sa ating dalawa. pakiusap sana, makisama ka naman wag kag balahura. ayoko na, ang labo mo. pag maginaw naiinitan ka. minamalas... kasi wala na akong mahanap na iba"

"take a bite. it's alright!"

"and baby you dont have to worry..."

"kung panaginip lamang ito ayoko na sanang magising."

"your face lights up the sky on the highway."

"soul searching. soul searching." :Þ

"let's do the funk! let's do the first day funk!"

"limang dpang taong nagtutulakan..."

"another day... yeah yeah."

That's all, folks!
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