July 25, 2015

2015: Road Trip to Fujairah, UAE

The last Emirate that we visited (to complete our Emirates Road Trip~) is Fujairah. It's probably my favorite as I always enjoy seeing mountains when road tripping just like I used to see back in my home land! :)


My sister Rachel and her husband Melbert
Kuya Melbert's officemate, Robert.

We had a quick stop over at the Sharjah Monument and learned that in 1998, Sharjah was named as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO. 

I admit I kind of miss the green environment in the Philippines but I also think that this country has something special to offer. It is beautiful & diverse yet rich in culture.

We spent some time resting & having a picnic at Khor Fakkan Beach.

The boat ride was fun~  The waves were extra playful and the view was grand as the sun was setting down making everything golden. What a memory! My pictures couldn't even give justice to the real beauty that I saw that afternoon :)

That wraps up our Emirates Road Trip! I am happy to say that I've been to all the seven emirates but the adventure doesn't stop right here since I still have a lot to know more about this country. :)

June 21, 2015

Let it be

Let It Be -- this song has been stuck with me for years and I'm glad for its existence. First of all, thanks to my brothers for being such cool rock stars -- they play The Beatles everywhere from then and now! I'm influenced by these good bands and learned good lyrics that actually guided me and calmed me down for years in good times and in bad times. There are only a few songs that speak wisdom and this is one of them. I find myself singing this song in my head sometimes when I feel like I couldn't get around something. It calms the shhh out of me. There's a beautiful imagery in my head whenever I sink myself into such melodies. I see our simple & happy home! It's perfect because those were great years hence the calming effect. ;)

So anyway, I honestly was not so sure about bringing myself here where most people live in buildings instead of having a good backyard & a garden. It's totally the opposite from where I am. As I was adjusting to the kind of lifestyle here, I was looking for signs or for any thing actually to make me feel calm. There's my sister, her husband, my cousin, a few family friends but there's something missing -- something that would keep me moving on. I didn't see it right then and there but when I saw this coffee cup at one of the malls we've been to, I thought that this was a good sign. I was not being too cheesy -- or maybe I was! -- but it made me smile and somehow thought I should give this kind of lifestyle a good try.

So, for now, I live in Dubai for most of the time but Abu Dhabi feels home to me. It's basically because my family is there. And generally when I ask some people, they'd say life in Abu Dhabi is easy & calm.

I remember when I was still studying in the university, I wondered how would it feel to be away from home and studying. My friends would go home on weekends to their hometown which is around 5 hours or so away from the city! Now I understand that travel time does not really matter at all for as long as you reach home & be with your family. Such a great feeling.

It's great to see life unfold itself for me without expecting much. I know it will be alright as long as I have a handful of positive light in my heart. I'll just let everything flourish and unfold its beauty. I don't know exactly the point of me writing this... but I am just grateful for this day, for this life.

June 19, 2015

2015: Road Trip to Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

This update is too outdated but lately I have been reflecting on the recent months that passed and how fun they were. Most especially when I saw a camel for the first time! We we're just cruisin' around the road somewhere in Ras Al Khaimah trying to spot some camels. I was the only one who has never seen a camel among the group so it was not so exciting for everybody else or so I thought. We were driving along and after some time I just thought that maybe it was not the right time for me to see a real camel until they were all enthusiastic to see a group of camels on the opposite side of the road. I didn't quite see it but I remember Kuya Mel drove straight ahead trying to find a good place to take a u-turn, which took a couple more minutes!


We spotted them right there along the highway and parked a few meters away. And then we started chasing them camels! I felt like a child for once. It was probably because my nephew used to have some plastic toys of different animals and I was partly excited to see it myself for him and partly for my childhood. 

What an experience! It would have been awesome if I were able to ride on it but I am not sure about doing that either as I am writing this. Maybe soon -- desert safari, anyone? ;)

June 12, 2015

I hope I have the courage to do so!

I always wonder how it is to be courageous. I adore people who are very courageous in their every day life and I always wonder, how do they do that? How do someone maintain that power to be strong so they can face the challenges every hour of the day? They say you need to be brave to have courage to face your fears. It's true but no human being can endure that -- even heroes have their downtime.

So far, I can say that I may have been brave in doing little things such as going to work every day, being productive at work, going home from work. My life revolves around work and then some. I am grateful for this and I am not complaining. I wanted this in the first place. Living abroad does not mean I get all the leisure any time I want. I need to work in order to grow and experience life with all the fruits of my labor. I remember when I was still looking for a job, I told my family that I want to be busy. Life heard it clearly and slapped me in the face. All is good.

Having all these things in my mind, I can probably say that all human being are courageous by nature. We all are. Add a little inspiration, drive, and goal and we are all set to face the day. This is just to remind whoever stumbles upon this nook that you are courageous; always push yourself forward. And sleep.

May 29, 2015

What have you learned so far this year about goals and moving forward?


So far, life has been good to me. Five months in and I have a fair share of highs and lows. It's interesting to look back to the past months: from New Year's Day to now and watch the blur become clear and vivid. It's nice to see things unfold themselves.

Last night, I had a talk with my co-worker, who was having a good glass of Heineken, (and me having a Dr. Feel Good (!!) Mocktail) about her life here in Dubai. It was nice to know she has been independent here in Dubai for 8 years starting at the age of 22. Life's good for her -- she had her highs and lows, too. Like all of us. I am inspired by how life unfolded to her now as she is a happy woman.

As for me, at the age of 24, from the moment I received my first salary (away from home!), I knew it was going to be different in a sense that I will be the one to manage my money. I will be the one who will pay my own bills (fixed expenses), needs/wants (variable expenses), and make funds for the future (savings). It's exciting for me because I have always been wanting to do some money management because I think when you know how to manage the money you earned, you are allowing yourself to be a full grown-up -- which is what I actually aim for ever since I bid farewell to my beloved home.

My learning about goals and moving forward? It has always been the same general thing: focus. But now it comes with small details such as knowing my fixed and variable expenses, choosing between quantity over quality and vice versa (because both works depending on the situation), asking myself "do I really need this", having a plan on saving for something I want to do (e.g. sky diving, traveling).

It's exciting how life reveals itself and sometimes surprise you with things you never thought would happen. What's more exciting is that there is always something new to learn and challenges to overcome every day.

May 9, 2015


I did not know
the meaning of
all the things that
life had to offer me
until I lay still
on my single bed,
looked back through
the years,
and realized that:
every little thing
that happened before
-- including the strange things --
makes sense now.

Everything happens
for a reason.

April 11, 2015

The Magic Thread

What I like about having a free time wandering around the internet is that I get some chances to stumble upon interesting things such as a photo (or a series of photos) that evokes something familiar, uploaded videos on my subscription box in YouTube from my favorite channels (mostly about weird facts such as: Vsauce!), new music from my favorite bands, to name a few. Yesterday, I read a short story entitled: The Magic Thread, which is just an excerpt from a children's book called The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennet. I haven't read a book since January (a.k.a. I'm on a book coma! help!), so I figured that a short story should be an easy one! 
"Peter, what are you dreaming about this time?" his teacher would say to him.
"I'm thinking about what I'll be when I grow up," Peter replied.
"Be patient. There's plenty of time for that. Being grown up isn't all fun, you know," his teacher said.
The first dialogues caught my attention so well because Peter is just like me. I always think ahead. I've been told a lot by my sister about that and says that it is such a negative trait. I couldn't see how negative it is until I have read this story.  I see the point now. Everything shouldn't be thought in advance. It's more like letting the things move their ways, naturally. As I read through the story, by and by, I realize that the character talks about my life recently (or maybe my entire life yet!). The story means so much as it progresses. 
"Your magic ball is a wonderful thing. I have never had to suffer or wait for anything in my life. And yet it has all passed so quickly. I feel that I have had no time to take in what has happened to me, neither the good things nor the bad. Now there is so little time left. I dare not pull the thread again for it will only bring me to my death. I do not think your gift has brought me luck."
It becomes so inspiring at the end, which mainly talks about: Patience is a Virtue. I honestly thought I knew what it meant exactly (hello, I'm 24 years old, I am old enough to understand things!) BUT I WAS WRONG. Maybe I wasn't absolutely wrong. But I needed an eye-opener to such a cliche.
"I should like to live my life again as if for the first time, but without your magic ball. Then I will experience the bad things as well as the good without cutting them short, and at least my life will not pass as swiftly and meaninglessly as a daydream."
 I don't want to compromise my life by taking advancements in all things. This is what I have been told for a long time and yet I didn't see the point. But somehow through this short story, I get it. Maybe I have been too rough on myself. Maybe it's time to be smooth in all things. Let's get back to one, dear self. Let's take another path way. :)

March 28, 2015

2015: Road Trip to Ajman, UAE

Among the group, I was the only one who haven't experienced the life in the Middle East. So it was nice to have a sneak peak of the UAE via road tripping. Seeing all the Emirates (except Fujeirah which I am going to take a sneak peak soon I hope!), I could say that each of them is distinct from one another. Though I have to figure out more  to have a clearer view of their distinctiveness.

Anyway, so we passed by Ajman. And we took a lot of photos in front of the Palace. Portraits, jump shots, group shots were taken until a guy passed by us. He looked at us while we were cam-whoring (in a nice way! Hehe). I don't know exactly how it happened but he just became a part of our crew~ Let's just say we're friendly! Hehe.

We learned that he was also a tourist from Nigeria. And he's a CEO of a company somewhere in his country. Cool!

It was just a short stop and drive along the city since it is the smallest among other seven Emirates. Next stop: Ras Al Kaimah.
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