May 20, 2016

Korean Beef Bowl recipe

Korean Beef Bowl recipe


1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 kilogram ground beef
1 onion, thinly sliced
ground black pepper
spring onions, minced
cooking oil


1. Combine brown sugar, soy sauce, ground black pepper, and ginger
2. Heat the cooking oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add garlic until it turns brownish.
3. Add the ground beef and cook until they are light brown. Once cooked, drain the excess fat.
4. Pour in the soy sauce mixture and onions to the skillet. Allow it to simmer.
5. Take a taste test -- add more pepper as you want or add pepper flakes.
6. Take a bowl of rice and serve it with the beef recipe on top. Add spring onions as garnish.

Enjoy! :)

May 9, 2016

Life Lately | 1

It was nice to be out for lunch with my teammates. My Fettuccine with Meat Balls is from Carluccio's, Marina Mall. 

Enjoyed too much of the photo booth with my colleagues at the Arabian Travel Market opening party at Rixos The Palm on a Sunday night. The loudest Sunday night I have been to in Dubai so far. 

Eating ice creams and taking naps with my sister Rachel and her husband Melbert at Mamzar Beach Park.

Trying to burn some calories as well these past few days... since the food that I almost eat everyday is fattening (or that's how I purposely think about it!)

Winding down in the evening with a cup of tea to relax my chaotic mind (sometimes~)

Watched two movies so far with my roommates -- Jungle Book (April) and Huntsman (May). I think we are doing it as a monthly activity!

 So far it has been a good life lately. How's yours?

May 6, 2016

The Friday Currently Vol. 4

My view at the gym - in Al Barsha 1, Dubai

Reading - I am starting to read 1984 by George Orwell. I am just a few pages in and so far it's interesting. Scary how some things in the book are somehow happening now or has happened before. 

Writing - This blog entry. It's been a while that I have not written anything except work e-mails. So I am really looking forward to update my blog with my Friday happenings... ;p

Listening - The Everly Brothers -- because I miss listening to old music! Back in the Philippines, we would play old music at home so loud all day. That's how some weekends should be! :p

Celebrating - my brother's birthday? Well, He is in Brunei right now and he is in fact working! So I just bought some nice Madeleines and a cup of coffee to celebrate life! 

Thinking - about planting again but how would I do this? There's no way for me to do gardening here. So I am wondering, when will I ever have my own garden again? Missing the home so much!

Smelling - Madeleine and coffee~

Feeling - a bit tired. I went to the gym this morning and made rounds in Carrefour. 

May 4, 2016

Thoughts on my first year work anniversary

Today marks my first anniversary at work. I didn't realize it until my boss mentioned it. It's weird how I was so excited yesterday that I am going to be one year at work today... And on the very day, I completely forgot about it. Nothing exciting happened on this day except that I cooked Lo Mien Beef with Broccoli however I still could not make something that is exactly as nice-looking as the pictures on the internet. It was definitely exciting from the start and ended up feeling okay about myself for not being very good at cooking. Nothing is perfect after all!

So anyways, one year... Wow. I remember asking myself how I am after a year of finally paying my own bills and doing actual adult responsibilities. you know, those serious and boring things~ Well, so far it has been fun to actually manage my own money. Keeping track of my money seems exhausting task to do but I look forward of doing my "accounting" on a weekly and monthly basis. I think I can say that I am proud to be frugal.

Work-wise, it has been very good. I can not believe a year has passed already. Exactly a year ago today, I had very little idea about how the company I worked for is all about. Until I learned... a lot. It's a very interesting company to be in - I feel lucky to be working there and proud of being part of it! There are so many things to learn and that means more knowledge and experience. For sure, I can say my work adds a little spice to the overall quality of my life in general.

Life abroad? Bittersweet. For sure, I miss home so much but I still think I am given an opportunity to know the outside world more. It's exhausting for an introvert like me to actually get out there but I manage. I always am open to new experiences and friendships. 

Overall, I am doing good! Looking forward to another year or maybe more years to come! 

May 2, 2016

Playlist: Tunog Kalye 1


Eraserheads Fruitcake
Rivermaya Bring Me Down
Parokya ni Edgar Sampip
Wolfgang Center of the Sun
Put3ska Manila Girl
Francis Magalona Girl Be Mine
Barbie's Cradle Goodnyt
Sugar Hiccup 5 years

I am feeling nostalgic right now and so I decided to create a short playlist of songs that I loved since I was young. Thanks to my brothers who introduced me to rock music since I was a kid. :)

A letter to self:

Remember the times when your favorite place in the house is your father's office on weekends? Because you can freely use the computer and play all of your favorite songs through that black and neon green software called Winamp (then later on you found it interesting to change the skin every night). You would sit in the computer chair and turn on the speakers to its highest volume and you're day has been made! Those were the days! Simple joys filled with mostly music. No wonder you like to sing even though you're not too good at it.

On most days, your favorite mode of entertainment was mostly the television however there were times when you would spend hours and hours just listening to the radio - every radio station. You used to have a list of telephone number for each of the radio station from 88.3 Energy FM to 107.1 NU Rock. Haha, remember the time when you just wanted to greet on-air and the DJ asked if you could answer his question about that damn underarm roll-on then you can greet on-air. You never went to claim your price! You were 8 years old then.

I am surprised that you're not working in a radio station after all that interactions such as greeting on-air, requesting songs, participating on radio topics, befriending a DJ all the way from Manila (NU Rock 107 DJ Andy) -- I remember she told you in a text that she was tired but still working on late nights. 

Thanks to your brothers who have a great taste in music. They are the ones who introduced you to what you think are the most sensible music ever. :)

April 30, 2016

Inday M

You secretly cry in the middle of the night
trying not to let everyone know
that you are hurting inside.
All the wide smiles, contagious laughs,
and the jokes you randomly say
seem to wash the thorns away.

Every day, you compose yourself
before going to work.
In the parking lot where you sit
and cry - then goes inside to do needlework.

How do you let someone go, you ask?
How would I know better if I have never done the same?

Every day you wake, tears seem to lessen.
You told me that maybe that is how
you measure how much you have
moved on...

Maybe you are right. 
Let me measure mine.

*Inspired by my roommates life stories. Does not reflect my personal life.

April 15, 2016

When you were a kid, how did you creatively avoid the food you hated?

Homemade salad -- a semi-regular lunch at work

I did not do any creative ways to avoid the food -- or part of a recipe -- that I hated when I was a kid. I had my freedom of choice which is probably the reason of my lack of creativity with regards to this. Maybe I am lucky enough that my mother and father nor anyone in the family forced me to eat something nasty -- like vegetables. As far as I can remember, I just put those nasty things (aka too healthy things!) on the side and continue my journey to eating and be glad about it. Every one would ask me why I'm not eating the okra or tomatoes or onions or eggplant or the black meat of a tuna and I would instantly say graciously the reason why -- it's because it does not feel good in my mouth. And they would say, it's healthy and blah blah blah. I did not have to struggle from eating something I don't like. I was not the kind of kid who would whine about the same food. My family would give me food and I would eat it. I was not a picky kid nor a snob because I knew that any kind of food served in the table is a blessing.... there are just some things that does not feel good for me back then. For a kid, I think it is natural somehow. ;)

But after how many years... I finally learned to love eating the good stuff. I eat okra, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, and black meat (depends on how it is cooked). However there are things that I still don't eat like balut, liver, and those exotic ones. It seems like the older I get, the more aware I am with the healthy food I eat. And I think it's a good thing. :)

March 20, 2016

Musandam, Oman Dhow Cruise

The first and memorable cruise yet. I went with Rittie to Musandam, Oman for a dhow cruise. It was very relaxing except that we were with (what felt like) 40+ other strangers (which I don't enjoy much at all; introvert alert!) This is the very first "adventure" thing we've done and were very excited for this since we both love going to the beach and we miss the Philippines so much.

It was an easy adventure and we packed light, stayed in one corner and enjoyed the views. We also met fellow Filipinos on the cruise which made the journey extra fun!

We stopped near the shoreline for lunch. And hop on a banana boat ride -- which was extremely exciting, scary and fun! Honestly, I was a bit dizzy after all the activities we've done. This is the first time that I got sea sick -- guess I am getting older now (ohnoes!) So I just stayed in one place and enjoyed the views going back home!

We were entertained by the birds flying around trying to get some food! Plus, the afternoon sun was very nostalgic. It made me miss home so much!


We were supposed to go fishing however the sailors did not approve of it since the waves were being too tricky. So we just sailed all the way back home. Took pictures and stayed near the bow of the boat just because!

The view was so majestic! Would love to go back again and spend another day sailing. It felt so good to be around mountains! Ahh, missing home so much!

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