December 8, 2017

Ice Breaker #14: What was the biggest surprise you ever had?

me at Dubai Butterfly Garden, December 2017

my cousins (Beau, Ate Evelyn), my sister (Ate Aking), and my sister's husband (Kuya Mel) at Dubai Butterfly Garden, December 2017

I think the biggest surprise I have ever had (so far) would be knowing that I will be leaving home in three weeks for the longest time. My sister have told me that they (she and her husband) got me a visa and ticket to fly with her to Dubai so I had around three weeks to prepare my things. It was such a big surprise for me even though I have wished that I could come with her months before she told me but the moment it was all set, everything was just sinking in. I had to leave all the people and my things behind and live somewhere. I would not say it is easy but knowing that I still have my family around to keep me sane, then I am good.

November 28, 2017

Ice Breaker #13: Are you an achiever? In what way?

Zero Gravity, Dubai, November 2017

This is a difficult question to answer with just a yes or a no. There are a couple of times that I have achieved something that are meaningful to me though they may be just a regular task for some. A couple of times I failed but did not stop until I got it right. A share of achievements with other people who share the same passion and goals as me (at school, mostly). And for sure there are times that I failed a hundred percent - did no even try harder. So, I ain't an achiever all the way but I do have some achievements through the years. Unfortunately, there's nothing geeky about them (Or so I thought, LOL). But those achievements, no matter how small they are or almost absolutely just nothing for some, are what made me who I am today. And so far, I think I am doing just right. =)

October 30, 2017

Feeding Stray Cats in Abu Dhabi

There could be more than a dozen of things that needed to be written here as I have been missing in action for at least a year but let me write about yesterday's event. My sister has been talking about feeding stray cats in a park in Abu Dhabi. She has seen a couple of expats around the area who spend time in the park and feed stray cats! And she thought maybe we could do the same thing.

Of course I am all for it. I was once a cat person and I still am. If you ever ask me to choose between cat or dog, I would not probably give an answer but I would recall the time when I used to have a lot of kittens and cats when I was a kid. Dogs were also there but the kittens were easily accessible for me. 

This happened yesterday:

I can say that around a third of the cats we have fed came to us and rubbed their body against our legs! I guess it is there way of saying thank you!

We started around 5 in the afternoon and spent time around the park and walked along Corniche. I don't have a correct count of how many cats we fed but there are a lot along the way for sure!

We had coffee at Seattle's Best coffee shop and enjoyed the view of the Marina. Decided to go back home along the same route and got back home at around 11 in the evening. If I remember correctly, my step count reached 17,000 steps! It was a great day to walk around the capital city, feed stray cats, and see strangers/tourists smile at us! I hope we inspired them to feed stray cats as well if they have time!  =)

October 29, 2017

Stopping By To Say Hi!

To be honest, I find it difficult to write in this space these past few months (years, maybe?). It's saddening that I prefer to write business e-mails than writing for my personal blog. It's good that I am focused at work but I know my boss would want me to have a life. I remember her telling me to not stop writing when she asked about my blog a year ago.

Here I am again, on vacation, trying to populate this blog with one more entry. Trying to keep the ball rolling and hoping my thirst for writing more comes back! It's a shame. I don't remember how much writing made me feel sane. Isn't it scary to not feel anything you used to love once? I think I need to write more but I also need time for it. These past few months, I always ask myself how did I ever write so much content in my blog? How did I write poems, stories, whatnots? How did I manage to create things and even collaborated with different people around the world through digital media and endless e-mails? How did I manage to have always an idea in mind?

At 27, I think I need to go back to the time when I was 21 when I told myself that "at 21, I am undecided but just fine". It's true though - I am 27 and I am undecided and fine but I want something more. I want to go to the next step but I don't know what that is. Funny how at 27 I still do not know what I want but I know there has got to be something there. Something that makes life more meaningful. 

I have so many things in mind that I want to do and the more I think about those, the more I find myself scattered everywhere. But I can't just let myself stay still in one place - that just ain't right. Therefore I choose to be everywhere and keep it that way because that's how I have lived my life for years now and I am still doing okay, I guess. This is why I am back here again... I am writing again. And I will try to keep stopping by.

August 11, 2017

The Friday Currently Vol. 9

Me, Changi Airport July 2017, In the wee hours of the morning waiting for my flight to Dubai

Reading - For One More Day by Mitch Albom. This book was given to me by Eileen on the day of my departure from Davao to Dubai. (She was able to go past through immigration, with the help of our high school friend Jeehu, who works there, and spent the time with me in the boarding gate! How awesome is that? She is just the sweetest!)  I have not read much of it though but so far I am expecting something unusual about this story (compared to what I always read) as it is about having a chance to fix something that happened in the past.

Writing - something about professional development goals. It is nothing formal though it is a personal thing that I wanted to do for so long - it is just a review of my career after two years of happily working as a Web Support Executive. There sure were a lot of things that I am proud of and a lot of skills to want to learn more.

Listening - to nothing as of the moment. I have been enjoying the silence as of now.

Celebrating - 27 years of existence! Well, almost there!

Thinking - about how my preferences of almost anything have changed throughout the years. I'd like to think it is maturity but more of being practical and choosing my own battles in all aspects of life.

Wishing - I could have more chances to travel to places - be inspired and get to know people! It would be great to travel with someone as well. Solo travel does not hurt though.

Hoping - that all the things I am doing right now will be fruitful in the years to come.

Wearing - a green Brunei t-shirt and a faded flower-y leggings.

Loving - the silence and the intertwined ideas in my head.

June 2, 2017

Fly On and some short but sweet memories

Just before this memory fades... I remember waking up to this song while flying from DXB to MNL last year. Looking through my window, it looked like the sun has risen somewhere in Asia. I think almost everyone were asleep in that flight including the little boy who was sitting beside me (who turned a year older the day we got on the plane). So this song has a bittersweet melody in it and knowing that it's just going to be a week short of a trip, you have the power to fill it will good memories as certain things just come and go (and it's okay). That trip was indeed short but filled with adventures mostly with only two amazing people and some good strangers. I will never regret buying that ticket and decided to fly out and spend time with AteAling and Kuya Clarence from Dubai to Manila to Tagaytay to Batangas and back (and talked about anything under the Supermoon! Including control towers, planes, and them good old days, etc)

Those days are now gone but the memories stay forever!

Good times~

April 3, 2017

Never Let Love Go, A Short Story

***not based in  real life. I'm just bored on a Sunday night and thought maybe I can write a random story... it does not even have to mean anything to my current situation. 

My workplace - Cluster W,  Jumeirah Lakes Towers

It was quarter to six o'clock and I just came back from work. Luckily, I live 15 minutes away from the office so my pup and I have a good afternoon stroll just before the sun sets. He needs to get outside and smell fresh air after being trapped in a studio apartment. Sometimes I think about him and what he does in there while I am in the middle of a conference call. I know he looks forward to our daily afternoon walks even though we walk on the same path every single day. As for me, I try my best to finish work and leave at half past five. 

It was a Thursday afternoon and everyone were looking forward to the weekend! I look forward to staying at home all day and run some errands in between. Living alone in Dubai is a terrible thing especially when you are not open to any kind of relationship except business. I am glad my pup is there to keep me company.

I came here nine months ago and started my work since. I had no time to meet anyone and I am not the kind who spends time in the bar alone. Also not too adventurous to go alone and purposely meet someone there because I can never make the same mistake twice. Meeting someone at the bar and ending up with them did not work for me. As if it's a fairy tale. It has never been.

5:45 in the afternoon and my pup woke me up from an afternoon siesta on a Saturday afternoon. He knows exactly what time it is to take his stroll around the lake. It's as if he has an alarm clock somewhere in his head or maybe he knows how to read my digital clock. Saturday afternoon stroll means we get to meet other dog around the lake and a few people who works in the office. I got up and changed to my sporty look and looking forward to a walk to the coffee shop for a quick afternoon caffeine fix.

My pup loves to see other dogs for sure. He barks at them, comes near them, or, unfortunately licks other dogs' faces. He knows just how to make me feel awkward to other people by making too much unwanted public display of attention to other dogs. But I always end up smiling at other people - some smile back, laugh and continue with their walk and others are disgusted by it they actually pull their pup back and walk away. 

While on our way back home, my pup pulled me near to another dog who was smelling the flowers in the corner. The owner was standing five steps away from it and seems to be in a bad call judging by the hand gestures. I did not bother to pull back thinking that the owner won't mind my flirty pup. He would not notice for sure. As usual, I expected my pup to do some weird things around his new friend and I am there looking at them while sipping my almost cold cappuccino. The guy turned around and looked at me. I stared at him and realized his familiar facial expression meant something was going on somewhere.

"I know, I'm sorry. He's always like this. As you know, he likes others a little too much."
"He's just like you,"
"That will never change."

He smiled.
I smiled back at him and motioned away.

I pulled back my pup gently to avoid any unnecessary awkward situation but it's hard to let go of someone who was too familiar to you. It has been five years since that break-up... it's never easy to let love go.
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