Ice Breaker #12: What is your unusual hobby?

I can't quite pick which one of my hobbies is unusual though I would say making lists of almost about anything could be my best answer. I have a thing for papers and lists so these two would go very well together all the time!

I have a list for my weekend stuff, grocery, things I want to buy, places I want to go to, work lists, and there are lists within a list (within a list, rarely!). It just makes life easier for me. This morning, my friends felt very anxious about her day because she seems to have too many things to do in a short span of time so I told her to get a piece of paper and write everything down and then prioritize. 
Life is much better with a handy notebook as well. And those cute stationary for To-do lists would be the best gift I will ever receive! I have been eyeing one from Paper Chase. Hmmm!

1984 by George Orwell

This is one of the most difficult books I have read so far. It was a test going through this book especially that I was on a reading slump for the longest period and it was my first book of the year. 
For the record, it was the first book where I did not have any attachment to the characters at the very first few parts of the story. The reason probably is because the story did not really brought me to get attached to the characters but brought me into the kind of world they are in instead. The experience in reading this book is so scary yet satisfying.

Winston Smith, the protagonist who works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. His main job is to rectify articles to make sure that the Party is always right and good. He hated the totalitarian control of the government and so fed up with the system. He was so frustrated that he cannot write what he knows and always have to "sugar coat" everything. However he…

The Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

The Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time written by Mark Haddon. He is a British Novelist and Poet and known for this book which was published on 2003.

The story is a first-person narrative by Christopher who is 15 years old with autism. He likes mathematics (in fact, he is very good at it!), he is very keen to detail and lives in a "logical" world. It all started when he found Mrs. Shears' dog that was mysteriously killed in her yard. This made him write a book about the murder case and tries to solve the mystery behind it. Little did he know, he will unveil a much bigger mystery and it all revolves around his life and family. Every bit of investigation uncovers a truth which will change his life.

Reading journey: Reading a story with a POV of an autistic boy felt discomforting at first but, honestly, gets interesting in the long run. Anyone who has read the book must have something to find in common with Christopher and I think that's when I started to feel that t…


it was a cold night the stars were shining brightly wrapped around your arms

A Quick Recall

On the eighth day of September in the year Nineteen ninety,
you were holding me with both hands,
close to your chest, your heart.
You were there.

When I started to know that life is
all about going to school everyday
and spending weekends with family and friends.
You were there.

When papa went to another place,
you were there - trying to hold us
in place altogether.

Then you decided to go with him.
That was not a short notice,
we knew you would want to go
as well.

When all things have gone down,
I'd like to think that you were still there.

Now, I am standing on my own;
paying my own bills, cooking my own meals,
preparing for the next day...
I wish you were here.

To see me how I have become.
I don't know what you would think of me
but I'd like to think that you are proud.

Thanks, mama! For raising us well.
I know you're happy in heaven
with papa whom we miss dearly
as well.

Things I am grateful for & Hello, 2017!

How surprising I did not write anything about new year's and its goals. What a shame, right? I've done a lot of thinking and less writing. It's kind of a bad thing, isn't it? 
To make up for the times I wanted to write but choose not to (because I have other things to do which doesn't mean I have a life... just making up a reason right there!), I am finally sitting in the middle of the living room at eight thirty in the morning and forcing myself to write something. I have been wanting to write ten things I am grateful for but could not (again) find time to sit and think about it. However, I did write a similar list in my notebook but I ought not to re-write everything here. It's nice to try to recall what I wrote a few weeks ago and see if I still have the same things I am grateful for during the past few years of my life!
1. Family - well, always. I am grateful for the life I had from childhood up to now. My family is there through bad times and good times. …

The Friday Currently Vol. 8

Listening - Coldplay. They are having their A Head Full of Dreams concert in the Philippines on April  2017 but sadly I won't be able to go. If only it will happen on the last week of April, when I am planning to visit again, I would have the chance to think about going. 

Thinking - How fast 2016 went! Already a couple of weeks and it's another new year. 

Loving - the fact that I am part of the Team of The Year in the company I am working for. It's such a big surprise and heartwarming that our colleagues have noticed our hard work! Thanks to my bosses for all the work given to me! Don't you just love having a sense of responsibility? I  love it! Haha

Feeling - very satisfied with where I am now. It may not be very grand but I have managed to live on my own now. Good job, self. Thanks to my family for teaching my how to be on my own discreetly over the years. It works now. I get to pay my own bills. Ha!

2016 is ending very soon! Where did this year went?! I think this year …