May 9, 2015


I did not know
the meaning of
all the things that
life had to offer me
until I lay still
on my single bed,
looked back through
the years,
and realized that:
every little thing
that happened before
-- including the strange things --
makes sense now.

Everything happens
for a reason.

April 11, 2015

The Magic Thread

What I like about having a free time wandering around the internet is that I get some chances to stumble upon interesting things such as a photo (or a series of photos) that evokes something familiar, uploaded videos on my subscription box in YouTube from my favorite channels (mostly about weird facts such as: Vsauce!), new music from my favorite bands, to name a few. Yesterday, I read a short story entitled: The Magic Thread, which is just an excerpt from a children's book called The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennet. I haven't read a book since January (a.k.a. I'm on a book coma! help!), so I figured that a short story should be an easy one! 
"Peter, what are you dreaming about this time?" his teacher would say to him.
"I'm thinking about what I'll be when I grow up," Peter replied.
"Be patient. There's plenty of time for that. Being grown up isn't all fun, you know," his teacher said.
The first dialogues caught my attention so well because Peter is just like me. I always think ahead. I've been told a lot by my sister about that and says that it is such a negative trait. I couldn't see how negative it is until I have read this story.  I see the point now. Everything shouldn't be thought in advance. It's more like letting the things move their ways, naturally. As I read through the story, by and by, I realize that the character talks about my life recently (or maybe my entire life yet!). The story means so much as it progresses. 
"Your magic ball is a wonderful thing. I have never had to suffer or wait for anything in my life. And yet it has all passed so quickly. I feel that I have had no time to take in what has happened to me, neither the good things nor the bad. Now there is so little time left. I dare not pull the thread again for it will only bring me to my death. I do not think your gift has brought me luck."
It becomes so inspiring at the end, which mainly talks about: Patience is a Virtue. I honestly thought I knew what it meant exactly (hello, I'm 24 years old, I am old enough to understand things!) BUT I WAS WRONG. Maybe I wasn't absolutely wrong. But I needed an eye-opener to such a cliche.
"I should like to live my life again as if for the first time, but without your magic ball. Then I will experience the bad things as well as the good without cutting them short, and at least my life will not pass as swiftly and meaninglessly as a daydream."
 I don't want to compromise my life by taking advancements in all things. This is what I have been told for a long time and yet I didn't see the point. But somehow through this short story, I get it. Maybe I have been too rough on myself. Maybe it's time to be smooth in all things. Let's get back to one, dear self. Let's take another path way. :)

March 28, 2015

2015: Road Trip to Ajman, UAE

Among the group, I was the only one who haven't experienced the life in the Middle East. So it was nice to have a sneak peak of the UAE via road tripping. Seeing all the Emirates (except Fujeirah which I am going to take a sneak peak soon I hope!), I could say that each of them is distinct from one another. Though I have to figure out more  to have a clearer view of their distinctiveness.

Anyway, so we passed by Ajman. And we took a lot of photos in front of the Palace. Portraits, jump shots, group shots were taken until a guy passed by us. He looked at us while we were cam-whoring (in a nice way! Hehe). I don't know exactly how it happened but he just became a part of our crew~ Let's just say we're friendly! Hehe.

We learned that he was also a tourist from Nigeria. And he's a CEO of a company somewhere in his country. Cool!

It was just a short stop and drive along the city since it is the smallest among other seven Emirates. Next stop: Ras Al Kaimah.

March 20, 2015

2015: Road trip to Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Next stop: Umm Al Quwain. What really made me very excited about this trip is to see a desert because I have never seen one before! I see photos and videos from all sorts of media but it's so much exciting to feel the authentic desert feel (what? haha!). So there we were devouring the Arabian desert and taking photos of all angles of hills shaped by air! So cool!

Unfortunately, the museum was closed. We saw some kids playing around the area so we made friends with them! This kid wearing a red clothing is Usman. He isn't talkative but he's not shy to smile for the camera!

The other kids didn't wanna say their names but they said they came from different places such is Iraq. When I looked at them playing around, I reflected on my childhood days. These guys are lucky to be playing around with real friends under the afternoon sunlight. Made me smile a lot and reminisce my early years so I decided to teach them hompyang! Hahaha

It took them a while to get how it is! Hehehe

They even let me borrow their bike! Isn't it so much fun to have a wide area to play with your friends? Than having to be stuck in a room playing computer games on your own... These kids are lucky!

In 5 years, certainly, these kids will be adolescents and will be much more taller than I am! I wish them more joy growing up! And I hope they will remember us somehow. :p

March 14, 2015

2015: Road trip to Sharjah, UAE

My first road trip in the United Arab Emirates are with these people: Kuya Ariel, Kuya Richie, Kuya Mel, and Ate Rachel. First stop is in Sharjah. I don't know if this beach has its particular name though but it looked nice to spend a weekend with family and friends with some food on the side.It's a nice beach!

Someone left this can of soda for me to take a photo of. Heh.

A panoramic view of the beach.

It's so great to have roamed around the city of Sharjah. I would love to see more of Sharjah including different museums and some parks.Soon! Next stop is: Umm Al Quwain.

March 7, 2015

First weeks in Dubai, UAE

Here are some photos I took during my first weeks in Dubai, UAE. I arrived a day after Christmas Day with my sister. We spent days around the city. It's a very diverse place! I am excited on what's ahead. :)


I finally saw the tallest skyscraper: Burj Khalifa. Also, we witnessed the dancing fountain!


The sun is bigger here! Awesome.


Inside the Dubai Mall is an aquarium. I would love to visit it soon.


Then there's the Burj Al Arab. 

I have been to Atlantis, malls, other places. I am looking forward to seeing more of Dubai and the other Emirates. I have been to all emirates (via road tripping) except Fujeirah. So I am looking forward to visit it soon as well. I am very excited on what's ahead. :)

March 3, 2015

New Year 2015

It's the first time in a very long time (13 years?) since I saw fireworks display bursting beautifully in front of me amongst others. The Burj Khalifa and its adjacent buildings were bursting colorful farts to celebrate the new year and people were so happy; individually shouting their happy emotions to see such beautiful farts. Including me. Happy New Year, internet! I know it's late to greet but, as cliche as it may sound, it's better late than never! :)

We stayed at Business Bay. We were lucky to find a good and comforting spot that is near a comfort room, a store, restaurants, and people can walk freely. I can imagine how it was like in Dubai Mall although you'll have a perfect view.

Here are some highlights during that night prior midnight:

1. "Pare! Pare! Pare! 2005?!", shouted the middle-aged Indian guy referring to our 2015 glasses that we wore while walking around Business Bay.

2. "Happy new year!", said the cheerful Arabic girl who walked towards me with my 2015 glasses on. I replied back to her, joyfully, "Happy new year, too!". A fleeting but joyful moment.

3. "Where you buy?", asked the beautiful Arabic woman as we were walking towards Spinneys. I said, "In the Philippines". She got very excited and thrilled upon hearing it and said "I want one!"

4. All those smiling faces staring at us while we were walking around the area. It felt good to be silly for a while!

5. A series of 'wow!', 'oh-sum!', 'wooo!' among other terms of excitement and amazement as we watched the fireworks display at Burj Khalifa and its adjacent buildings.

A video posted by Debie �� (@superdhebz) on

We had a simple celebration after the fireworks. We just ate honey cake, red velvet cupcakes, a platter of assorted fruits, and some soda. Some chit chats... then we decided to sleep in the car.


We woke up to a freezing early morning. It was 13 degrees Celsius outside. We had to walk so fast to enter the building to feel warmth. It was a good night! Happy new year, everyone. I hope all your resolutions will be done this year, if you have some! :)

February 27, 2015

You’re still figuring stuff out, and that is OK.

As much as you would want to go back to live a life you have known so well, why don't you try to use that time to get to know a different kind of lifestyle. It does not take a month or two. Not even a year, I suppose. Even though sometimes you feel that people are looking at you differently and might be angry at you because you don't know what they know. You’re still figuring stuff out, and that is OK. Move forward. Don't stop moving forward.
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